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Assign Workers; completed sub-tasks VS free workers

Raven68 (US1)Raven68 (US1) Posts: 101
I have a task on the left that wants me to upgrade my windmill. The task has two components:
1) The actual upgrade of the windmill
2) Assign free workers

The 'Assign free workers' sub-task has a green check as if it has already been completed and there is no 'Help' or 'Show me!' button; even though I haven't yet done the upgrade on the windmill.

The green check could also mean that I already have the requisite number of free workers needed when the upgrade is completed but I know this isn't true. The upgrade requires 6 new workers and I only have 2 free.

So my question is this: Have the additional 6 workers already been subtracted from my pool of free workers and that's why there is a green check (task completed)? If true, I could build the windmill upgrade first and put it immediately to work. If not, I'd be stuck with an unusable windmill until I upgraded one of my houses - meaning I should upgrade the house first.

In other upgrades, this might not matter as much, but the windmill is key to all production on the farm. It should be off-line for the least amount of time possible.

Thanks for any help / clarification.
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  • nooca (INT1)nooca (INT1) Posts: 170
    edited 05.11.2014
    The assign free workers task is not restricted to the mill. You probably assigned workers to some other building and that is why it is marked completed.
    You might want to upgrade a house first in your case since the workers are not substracted from the free workers beforehand.
    nooca @ WWW 1
  • Raven68 (US1)Raven68 (US1) Posts: 101
    edited 05.11.2014
    Ah, got it! That's a little confusing about the task completed.

    Thanks for your help.
    Raven68 @ us 1

  • MrSaece (INT1)MrSaece (INT1) INT1 Posts: 147
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    that is actually a bug..but maybe u can say a good bug..
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