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Misleading info on co-op level up

Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
For some time I thought that cooperative rewards it's members when leveling up, giving dollars and gold not only to co-op account, but also to all members. Why? On pop-up window after leveling it says about dollars:

"You can use dollars to complete everyday tasks on your farm such as constructing buildings and producing feed."

Which quite plainly suggests, that these dollars from reward can be used this way. Nevertheless the reward only goes to co-op account and since players never see any of these dollars or gold, the information is completely misleading and false.
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  • SAUGATA4SAUGATA4 Posts: 59
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    I was also misled by this information . But it would be nice if ggs actually did give the coop member some reward for leveling up.
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