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The New Tractor

FribbsFribbs Posts: 17
Hi. I have a question about the new "powerhouse" tractor thing. I activated the highest one b4 the gold one. I harvested main farm one time, and that's it? I thought it lasted 2 days? It is really dumb that the info button says nothing that isn't obvious. Can someone please give me breakdown on the minutes it lasts and where it shows it? thanks
Fribbs @ us 1


  • ehv123ehv123 Posts: 3
    edited 01.10.2014
    when you makes all the updates then the time when you can use a tractor or other stuff will be shorter, from level 1 its 48hrs an from lvl 7 3hrs, so when you're lvl 7 you have to wait 3hrs to use you tractor again
    ehv123 @ nl 1
  • DG312DG312 Posts: 28
    edited 01.10.2014
    It lasts for one hour (the timer appears under your "Happiness meter" and number of workers.

    It then takes 60 hours to recharge (lv 1), 24h at lv 2 etc. up to 3h at lv 7.

    So the best time to use it is not long before collecting milk and pigs - as both take well over an hour before collecting. You can, if well timed, collect eggs 5 times with it.
    DG31 @ WWW 1
  • pop1pop1 Posts: 341
    edited 01.10.2014
    It lasts for 1 hour, there should be a timer under happiness bar when you activated, wasn't there ? In the menu when you select powerhouse , under a small basket icon , you can see how long it lasts ' 1:00:00 '. The blue clock is for cooldown time.

    edit: typing at the same time...;)
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