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Update Sep 22th - Island farm improvements and more



  • enochnock (US1)enochnock (US1) Posts: 878
    edited 23.09.2014
    So, the US server just went down again for maintenance. How many more times today is/will this happen?
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 23.09.2014
    And the Dutch server NL1 down again, too!

    Comprehensible, since there seem to be quite some unworkable bugs! We'll wait patiently but eager to go back to our island again! :)
  • pansy (IN1)pansy (IN1) Posts: 6
    edited 23.09.2014
    it's a waste of money in island farm

    i donot know the fun of horse ranch, so why should i collect horseshoe?
  • RAGAnne (US1)RAGAnne (US1) Posts: 8
    edited 23.09.2014
    Anybody else have their counts reset after the maintenance update?

    I had harvested fruit cake this morning and apple turnovers shortly before the server went down and now neither is showing in my "farm management." The reason I even noticed is that I lost one of my "start production of orange fizz" counts on the island farm. It was at 4 of 7 before the server went down and now is back to 3 of 7.
  • FarmerAlf (INT1)FarmerAlf (INT1) INT1 Posts: 18
    edited 23.09.2014
    same problems here. some other stuff are missing instead of fruit cake.
  • cccx5cccx5 Posts: 14
    edited 23.09.2014
    wish there was a way that we could have the ship go out faster im not playing much on the island and I do wish that would be a opinion for us that dont
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 23.09.2014
    And now, since that last hotfix - our coop-members suffer some bugs, too (Dutch server NL1) - these are the things I hear from different members:

    - Boat was sent away just before update, appeared in the harbour again after update; had to refill it!
    - Aloë Vera crops from 2 fields not counted (harvested just before update)
    - 1 production Orange Fizz on island not counted (production started just before update)
    - Tropical Fruit growing in Greenery dissapeared after update; Greenery now standing idle
    - watermill on GF makes goatfeed, but needed dandelions still in storage (?)
    - special cabbage crops on 2 fields not counted (harvested just before update)
    - 160 pigs harvested just before update; but not counted to total after update (went lost)
    .... etc, etc, etc. and this is only what they can track back! As for the rest they can't remember detailed numbers.

    It seems as if things have been reset to a previous point in time (???); some 5-10 minutes before the update. Because all produce started/harvested within these last minutes before last update went lost!

    Need they all send seperate reports to Support or what?? But Support can't be reached so we listed things here, in the forum. :S
  • Nellie3 (NL1)Nellie3 (NL1) Posts: 163
    edited 23.09.2014
    After the work in progres @ 18:00, i had to do the last orrange fizz of task 1 of chapter 1 again. I'll already did that. And i got some peanuts. I want to mail support but it does'nt work...wat the do now?

    No ik have to harvest oranges again without humus.....
  • edited 23.09.2014
    Yea the last two-three minutes of stuff in my co-op disappeared too.
  • Griffith (INT1)Griffith (INT1) Posts: 768
    edited 23.09.2014
    I have a few words as feedback for ggs:

    when Irish chicken coop came as a prize for top 5 players, some players got disappointed, but most others (including myself too) justified it, by telling themselves "ok these players do deserve some more for supporting the game more too". but it didnt stop at Irish chicken coop.
    now pigsty, and cowshed, and pearl deco, greenhouse, gourmet nursery, more useless architect stuff in flower farm.

    so I ask you guys to focus, the game is starting to turn into 2 separate games for extreme gold spenders and "other players". I do understand the company is looking to earn more, but what you are missing is you are disappointing many many many players, and not just free players but also including the low/medium gold spenders too.

    now notice the difference here, I personally was one of the supporters of Happiness/Gourmet change updates, as it was a win-win strategy, because it included both new stuff for free/low/medium spenders and for extreme gold spenders (top 5 players) too.

    But the strategy that ggs company has chosen to use lately, will soon ruin the whole game. you may be getting some more money from extreme gold spenders in short term, but u are sacrificing and disappointing majority of players, including the low/medium spenders too, and soon they will either leave the game or stop spending anymore anything at all, as they know they can't get their hands on "top 5 stuff" or insane stuff "like cowshed" anyway. so why would they spend anything at all anymore anyway?!

    now again i list it, Irish coop, Pigsty, Cowshed, what's next? special duck/donkey/goat stables for the same 5 players again? you are noticing it? you are making a WHOLE NEW game for these few players, leaving all other players behind, and that will soon leave u with only these 5 players. in other words, you are making the game go downtown in very short time by losing alot of its players.

    very very disappointed of past few updates. hope ggs can hear these words and change their strategy for future updates at least, I have not seen a single player who is happy about the new island in the past 2 days, and i mean not a single one, ofc yea alot of players, say whatever! but they are not happy either they are slowly getting disappointed bit by bit and sooner or later "its time to quit" option will start popping up in minds. to be honest after pigsty and cowshed, it did pop up in my own mind personally too, like:

    "ok seems like this game is really going downtown this time, maybe its time to pack our stuff and leave for a new one somewhere else"
  • mariachi (RO1)mariachi (RO1) Posts: 7,850
    edited 23.09.2014
    Griffith wrote: »
    so I ask you guys to focus, the game is starting to turn into 2 separate games for extreme gold spenders and "other players". I do understand the company is looking to earn more, but what you are missing is you are disappointing many many many players, and not just free players but also including the low/medium gold spenders too.

    you are so right, I agree with you in everything.
    but, my opinion is this: if they were smart enough to understand you, they would have been smart enough not to do those mistakes. but they are not. most likely, they are just some fresh graduates working internship (like many other big avaricious software companies these days). they couldn't care less if the company goes up or down. they are testing and learning and their most important goal is an internship diploma. how else would you explain all this, the lack of interest, the lack of professionalism? they simply don't know better.
    so, they will not understand what you are explaining. not now. maybe in about 10 years, after ruining some other 2-3 games, in some other 2-3 companies... but not now. now the smart decision is on us, not on them. they are simply not capable of more.

    p.s. for Latten and some other cool guys working at GGS: start looking for a new job. this one is not safe anymore.
  • PINJO1986 (NL1)PINJO1986 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,852
    edited 23.09.2014
    Will ask if they could make an announcement when they come online tomorrow about what happened and what we could do about the missing things. Nothing more we could do till they will come online tomorrow.
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,770
    edited 23.09.2014
    I'm beginning to think that GGS comes up with their numbers by throwing darts at a board! 8|
  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,174
    edited 23.09.2014
    Im happy i have saved loads of real money for the past few months by not spending gold on a game that players are not listened to.
  • muggle1 (GB1)muggle1 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 124
    edited 24.09.2014
    The new tropial house that you can now get from the trader for shells isn't really that good at all. It still offers less workers and more unhappiness points than a blue house bought with gold, so if I have to spend loads of gold to get enought shells for the tropical house why would I not just buy a blue house, without all the fiz making fuss.

    I am really not interested in getting the special cow shed etc either - I have an Irish chicken coop and it is the biggest disappointment I have had in the game to date. It looks and upgrades exactly like an ordinary coop except it is green and even at maximum level 7 it only offers 15 more eggs than an ordinary coop at same level. Rubbish. I think different types of stables and houses are an excellent idea but they should be achievable through effort for people that don't spend lots of gold, and actually be worth making an effort for.

    Can't believe the island is back so soon, I didn't really play it last time as it was costing me too many dollars and I had lots of development still needed on my other farms. I thought I might give it a go next time depending on how the horse stables work with the horseshoes and how much upgrading I have achieved on main farms, but because we don't have the horses yet and I haven't been given long enough between islands to do much main farm development, I will have to give it a miss again. I am growing oranges and selling for shells, that is it.
  • Wilkins1Wilkins1 Posts: 2
    edited 24.09.2014
    Does anyone know if you can upgrade the tropical house with farm dollars, or if you need gold to upgrade it?
  • FarmerJojoBell3FarmerJojoBell3 Posts: 48
    edited 24.09.2014
    Wilkins1 wrote: »
    Does anyone know if you can upgrade the tropical house with farm dollars, or if you need gold to upgrade it?

    I believe it is mentioned earlier in this post that the new island theme house is upgraded with farm dollars after the initial shells required to purchase it.
  • Wilkins1Wilkins1 Posts: 2
    edited 24.09.2014
    Thank you Farmer JojoBell! Very helpful.
  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
    edited 24.09.2014
    Griffith wrote: »
    I have a few words as feedback for ggs:

    I'm totaly agree.

    I'll suggest that, they make the Irish coop, Pigsty, Cowshed available to all players, e.g. by selling these buildings for shells (like the new tropical house).
  • helen12860 (US1)helen12860 (US1) US1 Posts: 59
    edited 24.09.2014
    cookie1212 wrote: »
    What a ripoff!!!! You have to buy the sugar mill and everything again... even though you already had it before... Just a money and gold drain. I am not spending gold on this event and I am not spending much money only to lose it all again!!!!!

    i agree, its not worth it
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273
    edited 24.09.2014
    The tropical house......Does anyone have all the details on the tropical house....as to how many people and what happiness at varying levels? Does it scale at all? Is the number of workers 11, 16, 21, and so on?
  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
    edited 24.09.2014
    About the themed buildings: We're currently watching very closely how these are received, in the forums and in the game itself. If you guys like them in general, we will add more differently themed buildings as rewards, some available for gold, some available for dollars, some only through actual farm work - as we usually do it with most things we add. Personally, I think themed buildings are a pretty cool idea for expanding our range of rewards without going back to offer more of the same (dung, fertilizer, money, seeds) and a potential great new feature to personalize one's farm :)

    As usual, all gold-only buildings won't break the game - they might offer slight advantages, but nothing that will tilt the entire game. They're an incentive, not a must-have to actually play the game.
  • roadrunnernm (US1)roadrunnernm (US1) US1 Posts: 287
    edited 24.09.2014
    Well thank goodness I had to work today and did not have to go through all this drama of servers up or down! I have no idea if any of my stuff was lost in the reset.. that thought is most annoying, once again causing my eyes to cross and ears to grow!
    As for the Island Farm.. well its back and oh well... this time I simply will do oranges and fizzes... although those lemurs sure were cute!! So maybe grapes! Spend my millions again... not this time!! Just going to try to get shells for the seeds so I can use for ship for the extra XP's.
    Ranking.. who cares.. I know I will not be in any top five or top 5,000 just like with the certificates therefore I will just get on the game, work my established farms, do missions, Research, self missions, chat with good friends over a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the Island leisurely with no real goals in mind for it.
    Horse Ranch.. well since I will not "successfully complete this event" I guess i won't be doing that either just have my collection of horseshoes collecting plane exhaust in the barn.
    Happy Farming!!
  • AphasiaAphasia Posts: 223
    edited 24.09.2014
    If the island farm is temporary, so too should be the ship asking for tropical fruit. Participating in the island event should be entirely voluntary. I'm not participating in it, and so I shouldn't be saddled with a 12-hour turn around on the ship, as it sits in the harbor for 6 hours waiting for tropical fruit I will never be loading.
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273
    edited 24.09.2014
    That did not answer my questions about the tropical house. I agree that themed houses and buildings are a nice addition, but I would like to know what the house does in terms of people and happiness. If it is only one extra worker total, with no happiness gain overall, then it hardly seems worth it - money or gold or whatever.
  • Charmed_111Charmed_111 Posts: 4
    edited 24.09.2014
    I wish they'd had all these features the 1st time, I don't plan to sink the money into this I did last time. I did that because I thought it was a one time thing or a once a year thing, I wish they had told us it was all coming back. At least they're giving us fruit seeds so I can get more horseshoes. Wish they would tell us how many horse shoes we'll need.
  • Milkmaid (US1)Milkmaid (US1) Posts: 7
    edited 24.09.2014
    It states on the Event Overview for the Horse Ranch: "If you successfully complete this event, there is a truly special treat in store for you: Your own horse ranch with a large paddock for the horses to run about, a riding area for training and some cozy stables where your animals can feel at home." Does that mean that unless you complete a Chapter for the Island Farm that you won't be able to participate in the Horse Ranch? I'm kinda confused on what it means to "successfully complete this event." If so, then it is too expensive for me and I won't be able to participate.
  • Ria_ ()Ria_ () Posts: 280
    edited 24.09.2014
    That is misleading, but everything said on this forum suggests you "only" need horseshoes to Horse Ranch and how you get them doesn't matter.
  • ArtmakerArtmaker Posts: 415
    edited 24.09.2014
    this island is a snooze without knowing what the horses will be like. WHY did it come around again so soon?
    WIth horses promised as the next big thing.

    I have three farms. ONE has a ton of money and I will try the island again.
    But the other two? I have two orange fields, they do produce a few shells, and this time I'll stock up on seeds so that STUPID ship doesn't have to sit so long waiting for goods I have no way to fill.
    Aside from getting a good stash of seeds, the island can just sit.

    As for all the changes, your costing good players every time. My three coops can't even finish medium projects now. All the really good players bailed and are being replaced with level 7-10 farms. NO interest in research for gourmet or flower since they don't even have it yet. NO WAY to finish advanced level projects with level one sheds and such.

    Is anyone over there watching the flight rate on this game? Does ANYONE other than the forum admins actually read all the many complaints here?

    I think not.

    Yesterday with all the sudden down tome, for the first time since I signed onto this game, I slugged down my coffee and went outside. I think I'll be doing that more often. I hate to give up my three high level farms but dang. Someone mentioned they think interns are designing this game and don't care. I think that person was dead on right. Bad decisions, roll outs filled with bugs and glitches, and really bone headed business decisions.

    WHere is the gold lock that has been asked for over and over?????
    I have not put one red cent into this game since the last time an accidental mouse click costed me a bundle, and supports only answer was too bad so sad. So fine. You shook money out of my pocket. You won't be getting anymore. Especially since this game keeps taking wrong turns.

    I like galaxy. You all stopped working (and screwing up) that game. I have spent plenty there.
    Take the hint!
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273
    edited 24.09.2014
    Does anyone know how much happiness and how many workers for each level of the Island House?
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