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Workers on Island farm - Bug or something else


I am in quite a situation with the island farm.
I'm at the last step of the 2nd chapter and I don't have any more space left to build houses to get any more workers. I'm keeping the last plot for 2 banana orchards, but even if I build the banana orchards I won't have any free workers to work on those.

These are the details of my farm -
12 normal houses level 4 gives 20 workers each = total 240 workers
Farmhouse level 4 - total 28 workers
Total workers = 268

Gold houses give 33 workers at level 4 total 12 houses would be - 396 workers.
But I'm not going to use gold for this farm

These is what the fully upgraded farm needs based on the quests and tasks
Silo - 30 workers
mill - 30 workers
composter - 9 workers
bar - 45 workers
Total - 104 workers fixed

1 farm requires 17 workers - 5 farms = 85 workers
1 peacock requires 20 workers - 5 peacock - 100 workers
1 lemur requires 28 workers - 2 lemur - 56 workers
1 mango requires 15 workers - 2 mango - 30 workers
1 coconut requires 16 workers - 2 coconut - 32 workers
1 banana requires - 17 workers - 2 banana - 34 workers
Total = 327 workers (can change depending on how many you keep, not following the tasks)

Total workers needed = 431 workers

I currently have -
Silo - level 3 - 22 workers
composter - level 2 - 5 workers
mill - level 3 - 20 workers
bar - level 2 - 15 workers
Total workers used - 62 workers fixed

5 level 3 farms = 70 workers
5 level 2 peacock = 50 workers
2 level 3 lemur = 42 workers
2 level 3 mango = 24 workers
2 level 2 coconut = 24 workers
Total = 210 workers

Total workers assigned = 272 workers

Decorations -
5 big palms
3 small palms
1 hammock and 1 oasis
Currently the farm is running at -47% efficiency

So, the issue here is I don't have enough workers to upgrade or build new buildings, no space to build new houses unless I compromise the happiness which will increase product costs.
But what is more puzzling is that I have 268 workers with the farmhouse and houses and I've assigned 272 workers.

Also what next do I destroy some buildings to make space and workers for the missing orchards and upgrade the other buildings?

I don't know if it's a bug or it's wasn't thought through the sizes of the buildings and workers.
So if anyone can give some reasonable suggestions as to how to finish all the chapters without using gold.

Is it possible to play the island without using gold and on negative production cost together?

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  • Wildcard999Wildcard999 Posts: 967
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    I'm thinking you may be confusing the Chapters with the other tasks that are unlocked with each chapter. You do NOT have to complete any tasks except the ones that show the chapter you're on if you want to complete all the chapters. The other tasks are purely for your own pleasure should you decide to do them.

    Idk about you, but the worker numbers you've put up do not match my own. I've got all those buildings you listed in the beginning and only 132 employed.
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  • roadrunnernm (US1)roadrunnernm (US1) US1 Posts: 287
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    WOW.... I have to re read that thread!! where is the math teacher when I need him..... am I supposed to be so technical doing all my farm stuff.... please tell me no because here I thought I was doing so well just farming my farms ... oh ignorance is bliss... keeps my head from doing a 360
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  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
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    You're fine without math, roadrunner :P I skipped reading that part completely. Won't even try. That is what the maths persons are for, making spreadsheets and stuff for us non-maths persons to be able to understand at least a bit of all the cost-profit calculations on the farm :P

    As for the question, I will probably be building and demolishing buildings to get through the tasks. Some tasks do not need some buildings. So if I have 5 peacock coops and I won't need the dung or peacocks for a while I may replace 2 by an orchard, for example. Dunno yet, will see how it works as I go. I am definitely not doing all the tasks. I am fine with 3 fields on level 2 and 2 on level 1. Not planning to upgrade those 2 fields yet. If I have some time left at the end I may do those tasks still just to get the shells and then demolish all the buildings. If the event allows me to work my farm still that is...
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  • snork (INT1)snork (INT1) Posts: 518
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    Short answer: yes, if you don't use gold, you have to destroy and rebuild, because as you calculated it's not possible otherwise to balance the huge houses with the too small number of workers they give. That is intended.
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