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i don't like being forced to follow a hidden plan



  • Trippel (NL1)Trippel (NL1) Posts: 299
    edited 25.08.2014
    Since I will be totally broke before I finish chapter one I have decided that I am not going to play the event again seeds or no seeds and ditto to horseshoes! Whatever I have when I run out of money is what I have. Hopefully I will have enuff shells to get some of the talked about seeds for the captain. Horse stable isn't even in my thoughts right now, just trying to get enuff grapes and peanuts for the lemurs and peacocks... they are eating me out of house and home!! It is a beautiful environment.. graphics are fabulous.... but it is a money pit...

    Totally agree with you.

    No matter what the argument is, always keep an open eye for common ground.

    Happy farming.
  • Farmer Loki (US1)Farmer Loki (US1) Posts: 125
    edited 23.09.2014
    I've noticed that there are about half the people playing this game now compared to when I started. There are roughly slightly less than 20,000 people playing on my server based on looking at the rankings of everyone. When I started playing, there were at least 40,000 if not more based on the rankings. I think a lot of it might be due to people getting discouraged with everything brought up in this thread regarding the island & the ship... Between not getting all the money that used to be possible from the ship without having to play the island farm and grow tropical fruits, combined with people depleting cash flow from the permanent farms in order to play the temporary island money pit, it seems like quite a few have gotten tired of the game and given up on it because perhaps they feel like it's not fun anymore.
  • ozzie (GB1)ozzie (GB1) Posts: 19
    edited 27.09.2014
    its tedious, its long and decos are big as cow lol....but still playing it so i have some horseshoes ready when horses finally arrive....and yeah ship is downgraded, less cash less xp so i personally only put in the cheapiest stock i keep ;) well defo not surprised people are quitting it and i believe they dont need any threads for doing so...if you have a brain you figure for yourself whether you can keep up with it or not...up to everyone so whats the big deal?! ?(
  • Unicornprinces5Unicornprinces5 Posts: 1
    edited 27.09.2014
    hi cool have fun
  • helen12860 (US1)helen12860 (US1) US1 Posts: 59
    edited 27.09.2014
    I am not doing the island, so I think it's not fair that I can't fill the ship and get the extra xps. I don't buy gold and I find that it's too expensive to build on the island just to see it vanish after 30 days. With all the sudden changes, this game is starting to be ' not fun ' anymore.

    i agree, it is no longer fun,
  • juggernaut (GB1)juggernaut (GB1) Posts: 23
    edited 02.02.2015
    still rather annoying that ship still asking for stuff from the island. I did the Viking one previously but wont do it again cos it wastes too much resources.
    It is highly unfair that the ship still asks for the island products.........if not doing island, we shouldn't have to do it to get this extra........ship shouldnt ask if you havent opened the island again, just cos I did it once, doesnt mean I want to waste time and resources doing it over and over for what? to have it all disappear in a month........come one!

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