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The Island Farm!



  • Hermione15Hermione15 Posts: 2
    edited 09.11.2014
    I haven't unlocked island farm, but I cant see it in other members' farms also . If anyone has any information for this question please write it in the forum.:S?(:huh:
  • Brissydigsu (AU1)Brissydigsu (AU1) Posts: 41
    edited 09.11.2014
    The island farm event isn't running at the moment, so you won't be able to see anything about it until it comes back again in a few weeks.
  • Leafmold (GB1)Leafmold (GB1) Posts: 71
    edited 09.11.2014
    And following on from the above post, you also need to be level 30 to gain access.
  • tigerbear2tigerbear2 Posts: 3
    edited 11.11.2014
    iam in level 30 now. how can i unlock the island farm? the airport says there is now events. please help
  • djgreeneyes (US1)djgreeneyes (US1) Posts: 1,766
    edited 11.11.2014
    tigerbear - I advised my coop members who were level 30 to skip the island event when it was here before because it's so very expensive. The island event is not active now. Once you go to the island, the ship's captain will always ask for the exotic fruit from the seeds purchased with the island seashells and then grown in your greenhouse. If you run out of seashells and then don't have the fruit, the ship won't leave until it is scheduled to leave in 6 hours. The island will cost you anywhere from 70M-100M or more farm dollars and perhaps some gold if you have it. Don't be in such a hurry to go visit the island!
  • PRIMA D2PRIMA D2 Posts: 57
    edited 12.11.2014
    i'll second that love, the last time it was here, i spent 27 million and left myself with only $4.000 i don't want to do the island ever again but i have to for the seashells. so next time i'll be doing what gives out the most and keep it very limited xx
  • JustMe (AU1)JustMe (AU1) Posts: 170
    edited 12.11.2014
    The island is an event, list like the camping, aloha, UFO etc. They are week long, the island is a month long. The island like others have said is a money pit that people should wait until they are much higher lvl than 30 to do. It takes lots of money and it will slow down or stop all progress on your other 3 permanent farms due to lack of funds. Plus the chance of you getting enough done to buy enough tropical seeds for the nursery is low. Once you are out of seeds and the fruit for the ship you won't be able to complete the ship orders. The island is fairly new, it has only been active twice. They tweeked it between visits, they are trying to get it balanced out. I fear that since you unlocked the airport you are locked in now and will need to do some work on it next time. Once you do and get the ship orders for tropical fruits you need to look at the boxes, there arrows on the left and right side to adjust how much you give in the order. I suggest you give the smallest amount possible to stretch your fruit as far as possible. Also there is a farm machine in the garage that makes humus for the nursery, you might want to work on this too. Best advice I can give you is check with members of your co-op or on the forum before you unlock things, they should know what is the smoothest easiest path to take to save you frustrations.
  • tigerbear2tigerbear2 Posts: 3
    edited 12.11.2014
    thank you all for your response
  • stazya2stazya2 Posts: 6
    edited 12.11.2014
    I'm not a gold player and I found that at level 100 I could complete the 3rd chapter of the island event whereas the previous time when I was a few levels below I didn't finish - mainly due to time management issues but also because I ran out of $$ several times. Also I only just made earned enough shells that first time to buy enough seeds to see through the month for the ship. So I think you'd want to be at least level 90 with the flower farm really making good money to have a serious attempt at the island event.
  • WascallyWabbit (FormerMod)WascallyWabbit (FormerMod) Guest Posts: 6,097
    edited 17.11.2014
    Closing this thread - Continued on : The Island Farm
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