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Not fair taking away our time

Hi i just wanted to say it is not fair when you shut down for maintenance or anything that we lose our time off of missions and tasks, and it always seems to happen right at the last day for asia and camping missions! I understand you have to go down sometimes but please give us more time added on some of us try really hard to finish them and dont have gold to complete when we lose time! Thank you!! P.s. We also lose the boat and everything we had invested in it if it leaves:(:(
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  • Tdd7Tdd7 Posts: 34
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    They announce scheduled maintenance well ahead of time, so you can/should plan around it.
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    Well, there's also unscheduled maintenance, server crashes, etc....

    If events are happening when those happen, GGS has in the past tried to compensate by putting extra time on events or something like that, but it's not guaranteed to happen and you probably shouldn't expect it.
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