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"Searching for coop" sign isn't helping at all

PCA (GB1)PCA (GB1) GB1 Posts: 839

A couple of thoughts .....

This new feature, the sign members can switch on to show they are searching for a coop, is not working at all !

First, if a member has the sign on and then decides to found his/her own coop, the sign stays there. It does not automatically disappear as when a member joins an existing cooperative

Second, some people use it ironically, probably in response to countless invitations they receive even though they are not interested in coops.

Third, the sign is accumulating at the bottom of the member list, where all the people who switched it on and then abandoned the game are sitting. In a short while we will use the sign to count how many abandon

Fourth, new members become passive, switch on the sign and do not go browsing around looking at coops and their descriptions, ranks, existing members etc etc

I believe it would be much more helpful to have the opposite sign, the sign "stop inviting me, I am not joining". It would make things easier for everyone if people who claim they are so annoyed with continuous invitations actually use it. It would be much like the sticker we put on the mail box and that says "No advertising please" !!

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  • rhinanarhinana Posts: 561
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    I found two new people for my co-op using this sign, not a crazy amount but I never would have invited them without it.

    You sure do make a lot of assumptions in your post. But perhaps things are different on your server.
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