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Community Guidelines

Welcome to our Forums!

We created these Community Guidelines to maintain friendly and reasonable cooperation between our community members. We ask all users to carefully read these guidelines, and stick to them. 

Please be aware: If a user repeatedly infringes the Community Guidelines, this account may end up with an infraction or even a temporary or permanent ban. 

Instructions from Community Managers or Moderators are binding
Our Forum team is working on maintaining a friendly community. Both, community managers (CMs) and moderators (Mods) are legitimized by our provider Goodgame Studios to advise forum users to adhere to these rules and the TOS of the game, to hand out warnings or infractions, and to to exercise property rights if needed. 
To enforce these rules, moderators and CMs can edit, move or delete user created content.

Creating a controversy over edits, warnings, bans, closed threads or similar actions by the forum staff can also result in a warning, should the situation arise. The better option here is to send a PM to a member of the forum team to sort things out.

 Respect others

Attacks or derogatory comments against other users will not be tolerated in the forums. This also goes for posts or comments aiming to attack or debase other members because of their opinions, language or orthography, their gender or sex, their heritage or religion. 
Other issues we will absolutely not allow in the forums include, but are not limited to: Ruthless or rude behaviour towards other players, insults, harassment, denigratory comments, threats, vulgar or obscene content, illegal activities, propaganda, racism, calls to boycot or petition the game, offensive behaviour towards other countries or cultures, or other provocative behavior.


Our forums are meant for discussion. Besides praise and discussions, we also welcome criticism. Please be aware though to bring forward criticism in a manner that is related to the issue at hand and doesn't attack other players or members of the forum team or Goodgame Studios on a personal level.


The privacy of others should be as important to you as your own. For your own protection, please refrain from posting personal details about yourself or other players (including real name, age, email address, passwords, contact data etc). In particular situations there may be exceptions (please ask the forum staff), but generally it's a bad idea.

Please also remember that private messages (PMs) sent throughout the forum system are personal, and the same goes for email conversations with Goodgame Studios staff. We won't publicize your messages, and we expect the same from you. This also includes messages from Goodgame Studios Support.

 General Posting rules

Please stay close to the topic of each thread you're posting in. If you create a new discussion, please stay close to the specific forum area, and so on.

For all posts and discussion outside of the general game related topics there is an Offtopic area. Even if this is an area that's not dedicated to a specific topic, we ask you to keep all discussions relevant and at least worth a talk, as opposed to simple spam. Posts that only consist of gibberish, video links or a list of images are not welcome here, either. 
"Spam" also includes multiple posts after another or reviving very old threads without any new content to discuss. 

Namedropping product names, websites, service providers or other brands is only allowed if the main purpose of this mention is not advertising in any way.

Absolutely not allowed is any discussion or advertisement of similar, genre-like browser- or mobile games ("Farm games"), as well as hacking, cracking or other illegal software aiming to change or modify our (or other) software.

 Multiple Forum Accounts

Usage of multiple forum accounts of one person would grant an unfair advantage for forum events or raffles, and allows empowering ones own position within discussions in an unfair manner.
We also can not allow warnings or bans against a person to be ineffective, because they could be easily avoided through usage of more accounts.

Thus multiple accounts are, independently of a possible ruling for the game, not allowed in the forums. If you ended up with more than one account due to technical reasons, please contact a CM or mod when in doubt.

 Warnings and Bans

There are cases when a community member acts against our guidelines or rules. This doesn't have to happen on purpose, but might also be an accidental mistake. Not every mishap calls for an instant ban. Every case will be thoroughly investigated and taken care of. In many cases a user will only receive a warning or infraction, which should motivate to reread the forum guidelines and check posts before sending them off.

All sanctions will exclusively be spoken out and conducted by our forum team, and usually communicated via private message. Please refrain from warning other users by yourself, or threaten to call moderators within a discussion. Instead, send us a PM including a link and a short description of the problem, and we'll take care of it.
If one or more of your posts are edited by a forum staff member to e.g. change specific parts, insults etc, we'd ask you to not edit out these changes again - usually we only do this for a good reason.

 Juristiction and final decisions

Concluding: When in doubt, our forum team has the final say in a matter. Meaning: In case there's an argument or postings that are not covered by these community guidelines, the forum team is free to deal with the issue at hand at their own discretion. Please follow the lead of the forum team in these situations.

These guidelines can and will be updated and extended if needed. In this case, we will notify you about all changes in this thread.
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