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andy123321 (GB1)andy123321 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 28
andy123321 @ en 1, Together Workin cooperative leader!!
Any one can join us, just give me a message!! :-)
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  • rhinanarhinana Posts: 561
    edited 12.06.2014
    Right now at least 3-4 weeks due to backlog.
    rhinana @ us 1 Doves Hollow Cooperative Member
  • andy123321 (GB1)andy123321 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 28
    edited 12.06.2014
    ok thanks for that info so quick! : )
    I wont get angy at support then.lol
    Ill have to wait.
    andy123321 @ en 1, Together Workin cooperative leader!!
    Any one can join us, just give me a message!! :-)
  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 12.06.2014
    You could ask for a status ID on the support website and add to the e-mail you got. I think the confirmation code will have something to do with the payment method you used. I could not help you unless I know which payment method that was and what happened with it. So I think all you can do is ask support nicely what that confirmation code is about and be as complete and thorough possible in your answers/questions.

    I had a problem with Rixty before. I entered the gift codes, got the money on a temporary account, but was a bit indecisive in choosing my gold package. I ended up with an error page which said the payment method was not available for the pack I chose. I sent support a message with a screenshot of the error page, the codes I filled in, what they were worth, which pack I wanted to buy, which packs I had selected during my try and of course the question if they could solve it. I got a message back in a few days telling me they solved it and I could continue to make my purchase. I tried again - it worked and the money was still there (the page was in Portuguese, but whatevs - I knew what to click on and successfully purchased the pack I wanted). Just to illustrate how complete you should be in your story to influence how fast support will be able to help you ^^
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    Thanks Bondenson!

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