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Demolishing houses


Can someone please tell me how to demolish houses on the flower farm. It says not enough free workers when I try to demolish them.
Thanks for your help.
karmen6 @ WWW 1
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  • Anniew63Player (US1)Anniew63Player (US1) US1 Posts: 14
    edited 03.05.2014
    karmen62 wrote: »

    Can someone please tell me how to demolish houses on the flower farm. It says not enough free workers when I try to demolish them.
    Thanks for your help.
    This means all your workers are being used in your buildings and fields so you can't demolish a house. You have to either upgrade your houses until you have enough workers to support your fields and buildings or reduce your fields and building until you loss enough workers to demolish a house.
    Anniew63Player @ us 1
  • rhon (GB1)rhon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,542
    edited 03.05.2014
    Yes it means you have assigned the workers that the house provides to production. Even if you are using even one of the workers you cannot demolish the house. You can't have your production or processing with negative workers

    A level 1 red house (dollar bought) provides 10 workers
    A level 1 blue house (gold bought) provides 12 workers
    Each further level provides 5 more workers per level

    You can only demolish the whole house not levels. So if you have a level 2 red house with 15 workers you cannot demolish down to 10 workers, only demolish completely

  • montuosmontuos Posts: 1,275
    edited 03.05.2014
    Also remember that you need only 10 free workers to demolish a level 1 house, but you need 15 free workers to demolish a level 2 house, 20 for level 3, and 25 for level 4.
    montuos @ en 1 (montuos on forum)
    montuos @ us 1 (montuos2 on forum)
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    This account remains only for historical purposes. I am no longer an active player, and all my farms have been deleted.
  • Sharrygirl (INT1)Sharrygirl (INT1) INT1 Posts: 3
    edited 23.05.2014
    I am sitting with same problem as karmen62. I have 6 free workers on my gourmet farm. Now I want to demolish one level 2 house and rebuild a level 1. I will then still have 1 free worker. I want to do this to get my happiness level back up. I think it is highly unfair to have to demolish a whole field/garden just to get the workers free to demolish the level 2 house and then after I have built a level 1 house in its place I will have to build that field/garden again too! This sounds like a serious rip-off!!! A garden on a gourmet farm costs 40000 dollars! Is there no way we can un-assign or decommission workers from a field without demolishing valuable fields/gardens??
    Sharrygirl @ WWW 1
  • ingse1ingse1 Posts: 2
    edited 23.05.2014
    You can store some decos, build one lvl.1 house and then demolish your lvl.2 house. There is no need to demolish fields/gardens to do this.
    ingse1 @ us 1

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