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Special Seed Interface Change

GeorgenollieUseGeorgenollieUse Posts: 1,801
It would be nice if the plant screen for special seeds were in a different order then the ordinary seeds. I just finished planting and harvesting special corn and decided to switch to cabbage. It wasn't until the third field out of five that I realized the next sow button had a green border around the bag and realized that once again I grabbed special cabbage and not ordinary cabbage like I wanted since that was the screen that opened when I chose to change seeds due to the fact that I was in special seeds the time before . . . I have done this particular stupid act more than once. If they were in a different order, then I would realize that I was on the wrong screen. Now those three fields are out of commission for four hours, which I am okay with because it was me not being totally aware but it is frustrating.
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