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GeorgenollieUseGeorgenollieUse Posts: 1,801
Over the past month, I have read several posts knocking gold spending blaming it for everything from the gourmet farm update to why collectibles are so hard to gather . . . the kicker here is that gold spending is optional.

There are several high level players in active co-ops who have made it where they are with patience and very little gold spending. And although I have used gold (as my finances allow), I have great respect for these players. I also have respect for the gold spenders because without them there would be no Big Farm for those who want to play free.

I have rules with my gold spending . . . I refuse to rush builds, I refuse to use them for collectibles in the co-op (over time I will collect what is required), I refuse to use it on missions and I refuse to buy any blue houses, barns, or fertile fields. I will use gold to try to get the decoration from Monty and mystery boxes (actually that is where most of my gold is going at the moment . . . dang arbor and hammock), buy farm boosters (like the water tower, workshed, and books in library since over all they help me earn more of a profit with my farm dollars) and to help my co-op by donating it to the general fund and by buying researchers if needed to finish filling in a research.

And no matter how much players think GGS is only in it for the gold spending, if that was the case then they would boot all the non gold buyers from the game and just keep the others and making this a pay to play game with a yearly subscription. I personally don't see that happening - this is a model that they use on all their games and they are a successful company so they aren't going to change it any time soon.

So please, every time you are disappointed in the way that GGS is going with Big Farm - stop blaming it on gold spenders. I personally have not spent a gold coin on the gourmet farm update. Just taking it one build at a time.
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  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
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    Good thread George
  • ArtmakerArtmaker Posts: 415
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    Good post. And I pretty much agree with all of it. My only real gripe with GG is the fact that they make it so easy, and apparently that is deliberate, to slip up and poof, your gold is gone.
    I to will not spend gold to rush construction. But boy, a click of the mouse too close to that little window at the bottom showing what's upgrading and poof. Instant upgrade and my gold is gone. Or once I replanted special seeds, several times over before I realized I didn't have them. Again, gold gone. (Now I am very careful to look for the TINY TYPE saying how many I have first.) And GG's response when you try to contact them? Too bad.

    I started a thread called gold lock. Suggested we have a little lock icon, by default open so nothing here changes. But you could choose to go lock the lock. Now if you click on something costing gold you would get a window saying go unlock your gold first. The forum admins liked it. And do you see it? I don't.
    Seems they like us to drop our money on the floor and instead of giving it back, they sweep it up and keep it.
    So even though I have, and would again, spend a few bucks now and then on my THREE farms here, I will not.

    Now they started with the pop ups in my face every single time I log in. And with three farms, I'm logging in and out all the time. Special limited time offers. (not limited enough.) FREE decor (which is not free when to get it you have to BUY gold to get it.)
    So put a little trader up on that lane and leave it there. Let players decide to look and use, or not. Put the decor in with the other decor and let ME decide what I want to buy. The popcorn explosions every single time I log in are getting really annoying.

    Lastly, with all their many ongoing blunders, between the change in happiness so it's impossible to get 100% happiness anymore which made a LOT of people angry. TO the really bone headed math blunder with the new bakery so using it actually loses money, then taking weeks to fix it. Now there are glitches with using mulch, with the ducks level five with no animations, it just keeps on happening over and over again.

    I run a coop that is, or was very active. My members want to "play." Well lately half my coop doesn't show up much anymore. We couldn't even complete the cheesed off project. (Which they choose because the name seemed to fit the mood.) We usually finished that one a day early. But my once active players simply are fed up.

    Two other coops I'm a member of are also experiencing a lack of interest and loss of membership.

    It all leaves me scratching my head as to what the HECK are they doing? Seems no one is actually reading all the many complaints in this forum. Complaints should be very rare, few and far between. (there will always be someone who complains about everything.)
    But not topic after topic over and over again with the same issues not being addressed.
    All this is just one more reason I will not be spending my hard earned money on this game. They seriously don't care about the players.... spenders here. I think the gold only "incentives" will only get worse and worse and every time they ramp up the gold only stuff, more people will simply get fed up and leave. It's already happening, at least in the three coops I'm in.
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  • bøffe (SKN1)bøffe (SKN1) Posts: 383
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    Yes, it's indeed a good tread George :) Thanks :)

    (Ps. I love your new pics of your dachs :))


    Have you fed your dog today?
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  • SpeedyDog10SpeedyDog10 Posts: 258
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    :thumbup: @ Artmaker
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  • SirGeorge (US1)SirGeorge (US1) Posts: 354
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    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

    Greed, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the excessive love of money and other possessions.

    Just sayin
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  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
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    What a great post George-well put! ^^
  • GwynethAngie (US1)GwynethAngie (US1) Posts: 87
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    If you are in a co-op that continually complains about everything it won't miraculously change. Once people get set in their ways about something that has turned them off a game the chances that they will suddenly wake up one day and love the game like they used to are slim to none. I'm in a co-op that had a few members quit or take a break, mostly over the happiness change, but overall its still a great place to grow and get things accomplished. If you are in a co-op that is in a sinkhole and it doesnt look like it will change, join a new one. Personally, I think the game is a lot better then it was when I joined in January.
    I dont see how clicking on one building can make all of your gold just dissapear. Most of the gold packages equate to 100's of hours of speed building, so accidentally clicking on one of them wouldnt put that much of a dent in it. To the players who buy gold to support the game and help their coop on a regular basis hearing about these slip ups is kind of funny but they probably would never say that out loud lol.
    maze1on1 @ us 1
  • lois larner (AU1)lois larner (AU1) Posts: 198
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    when 1 miss click caused by lag in game cost me over 30,000 gold...for me that was a very large dent....then when i clicked on field to harvest....one click....it upgraded nursery while it harvested field at same time....more gold gone down the drain....
    when u lose 1000 gold is bad enough. if u play on smaller sized laptop the game dosent allow u to be out by % of a millimeter....i can click the exact spot 4 times and get 4 different things....eg...field....click on that and u could get field, or the pop up from chicken coop could get in the way...the fence sometimes responds or nursery.....
    u can laugh and giggle all u like.... but i will never buy gold again....its too easy to lose...
    lois larner @ au 1
  • Summers3Summers3 Posts: 103
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    Good point George
    A proper company gaming allows their consumer to speak openly, GGS censor things. And you're breaking your own ToS when nothing wrong has been done. By deleting and censoring comments to your favor just shows how unprofessional you guys are and you are ripping people off their real money by scamming them for as long as you can

    Level 112 and climbing

    REAL reviews from players and how GGS are threating their costumers
    Co-operative level 24 and climbing

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