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removing collectibles and quitting research

PCA (GB1)PCA (GB1) GB1 Posts: 839
Hi all,

can anyone please confirm that when a farmer in a cooperative quits a research position in a given research project to buy a research position in a different one he/she does not get all his/her cash back ?

Siimilarly, if anyone takes back from a group project a set of collectible items to put it in another project, does he/she get all the items back or is there a penalty for these actions ?

If so, what is the lost percentage of either cash or collectibles ?

Thank you !!


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  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 23.03.2014
    You get 100% back in both occasions ;)
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    Thanks Bondenson!
  • rhon (GB1)rhon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,530
    edited 23.03.2014
    It is even possible to get more back than you paid for a Researcher. The dollar cost of a Researcher is based on your level. And the refund is based on your current level. So if you levelled up in between paying for a Researcher you will get more back.

    Of course you haven't really gained anything if you then pay for a new Researcher in a different research because you will be paying for that at your current level.

  • princemoodraj2princemoodraj2 Posts: 20
    edited 23.03.2014
    no they get it back always
  • PCA (GB1)PCA (GB1) GB1 Posts: 839
    edited 23.03.2014
    Great !

    thank you all for feedback ! This is good news, and I wanted to make sure that a sudden change in strategy does not inflict penalties on our farmers


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