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Spring Time

Although where I live it does not feel much like spring, I was wondering if there will be a task to earn a new flag. The winter one is lovely, but something a little greener might be nice.:D
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  • SirGeorge (US1)SirGeorge (US1) Posts: 354
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    Yes, I agree. Also, I was hoping for another Easter event with the Birdhouse decoration prize.
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    Oh yes, I would love a Spring Flag too.
    My whole co-op would, we love the other flags, but we need more.

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  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
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    I'm agree too.
    I'm a little tired looking at the nice winter/christmas flag, now I'll like to have a spring flag. :)
    It would also be nice with an easter event, I know there was an easter event last year, so I think it should be easy to make one this year to. :)
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  • Celissa9 (US1)Celissa9 (US1) Posts: 82
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    I started playing last year just after the Easter event ended and missed the birdhouse, also. Would love to see it come back around this year :)
    Happy Easter!
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