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Odds of winning items

GeorgenollieUseGeorgenollieUse Posts: 1,801
I am a moderate gold user and have spent way too much gold on the wheel of fortune this time around trying to win the hammock. I have used over 250 tokens (I say over because that is the base amount I purchased throughout the 24 hours - I win more while spending those) and have probably hit the jackpot spin over 30 times. I greatly appreciate the 70+ rose seeds, the 40+ sunflower seeds, the six duck ponds, the 3 scarecrows and the 3 or 4 gold licenses (the other decorations I trash since they take up too much room on the farm and are not needed for my happiness levels) . . . but I have yet to receive the hammock at all. Every other game of chance I play online lists the odds or chance that a person has to actually getting the item. The developers can speak about random but nothing is truly random in computer programming - they are the ones that set the parameters of the random that the computer uses. I know for a fact that sunflower and rose seeds come up as the jackpot the majority of the time so the odds of getting those is a lot higher than the other prizes. It would be simple to put this information into the blue I button explaining the item so players understand that they may be in for a long term gold spending spree if they are going after a particular item. Same thing for the arbor that is supposedly in the mystery boxes - I have yet to see one of those even spending more gold than I need to during that event. Overall happy with the game but this would be a nice feature to have.
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  • nonon82nonon82 Posts: 22
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    When you look at the wheel, it appears as if all the options are equally likely. But after you play a few times, you realise that either you are extraordinarily unlucky or the probabilities have been skewed towards seeds.

    If GGS wants to do this, that's fine with me - after all, it's their game and they make the rules. I would like to see the graphic of the wheel changed, though, to make it more accurate. Otherwise it feels somewhat dishonest.
    nonon8 @ au 1
  • AphasiaAphasia Posts: 223
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    Seeds on the jackpot and feed on the regular wheel. Tokens should be cheaper with the way the results are skewed.
    Aphasia @ us 1
  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
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    oh my goodness George wowser...I wait for 8 free tokens. get the extra free spin and am happy when i get something special. I have to say i am a gold addict. Not at all a moderate spender..hahaha i laugh now because i came into this game saying hahahaha i cannot imagine spending money on this game. It will never happen. Look at me now. Yes my farm is ridiculous. But if i can get it for free on this game like the wheel of fortune or the events then i do it. I take advantage of it. I do hope you get that hammock. You definitely deserve it 10 fold!

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