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New Player Impressions

AphasiaAphasia Posts: 223
So I've been playing for some days now, I'm level 23, and here's what I know. I started GGS Empire around the same time, and I've found both that game and this one to be among - if not the most - pay to win games I've ever experienced. But it goes beyond that.

Key resources are so scarce that I'd have to pay if I wanted my entire farm operating.

I don't have room for enough livestock to keep me in fertilizer so I can grow my orchards...that is, unless I buy gold to buy plots because I'm level-restricted from buying them with game cash.

Leaves don't drop every time from orchards. Why are leaves so rare? My farm is surrounded by undeveloped land with trees on it. I have a bunch of ornamental trees. There should be leaves everywhere. A steady supply of them. But there isn't.

There a lake right next door. I've got a water tower, a well, fountains and birdbaths everywhere, but water for the nursery is so hard to come by...unless you're buying it with gold.

I realize GGS has to make money on the game, but I think they're losing a lot of potential customers who will never get into the game enough to buy anything if they can't grow crops after they've spent the time building something that is supposed to be growing them crops. A 100% chance of getting an amount of these resources every 8 or 12 hours would go a long way to keeping newer players around, if they know that every few days they'll be able to plant their orchards, throw some humus on their fields, and do a little horticulture in their nurseries.

I saw a concept picture somewhere that had the 'flea market' a greater distance away from the farm. Why then is it within whispering distance of my fence-line? I'm a hick IRL, and I know I wouldn't have such a problem with high-pressure sales if I showed up on my front porch with a shotgun.

The skyscraper deco thing. It's ugly for one thing. For another it ruins my view of the lake.

I guess that's enough complaining for the time being. I like the game. I spend money on games I like, and I've done so on this one. I have my gourmet farm from gold - It doesn't do much but make applesauce right now, but I'm okay with that. I won't be buying fertilizer with gold, or water, or humus. I'm looking forward to my herb farm.
Aphasia @ us 1
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  • noorainnoorain Posts: 49
    edited 26.02.2014
    The game is very nice. i feel it balances things. for one thing you do not have to pay your workers from your income.
    I played empire too and left it, because it was not the kind of game i would like to spend time on. I feel the big farm game is more peaceful. I do not know but i like farm games. i found this game when i was looking for other farm games. the other could be only played there. when i tried BF i was so happy. i loved the animation. Now i have played this game for sometime. And now that i look at it, i feel really proud. I know i struggled and the fact that i did struggle and improve it makes me love it more.

    Nothing comes free in this world, its time you knew that. even if it is a game. If we get leaves from the decoration trees, outside the farm, the undergrowth, the sky... you will have a huge heap of humus flooding even into your farmhouse!
    Even i used to feel frustrated but it is a challenge, and you should take it.
    The water is just the strategy to work the nursery. And have to collect while working on the farm.
    The entire game is about the decisions you make and what strategy you use to make your farm successful.
    The farm environment is a measure to make the game realistic. many people love it.
    i have to agree on the deco tower.
    and am happy you like the game enough to spend gold.
    see you around!
    noorain @ WWW 1 :)
  • AphasiaAphasia Posts: 223
    edited 26.02.2014
    Reading comprehension. It's time you got some.

    I wrote: "A 100% chance of getting an amount of these resources every 8 or 12 hours would go a long way to keeping newer players around, if they know that every few days they'll be able to plant their orchards, throw some humus on their fields, and do a little horticulture in their nurseries."

    If it takes a few days, that's not a huge heap of anything.
    Aphasia @ us 1
  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
    edited 26.02.2014
    Aphasia, trust me when I say that it'll all be better in the long run.......... *Que sad music* There was a time when I could hardly fertilize one orchard every three days (Much like every one else who started the game) but now, I can fertilize three apple orchards, a cherry orchard and still have 300 fertilizer and 400 humus :) Just give it time :)
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  • FarmerTess (AU1)FarmerTess (AU1) Posts: 2,393
    edited 27.02.2014

    We all went through the slow time of unable to fertilize orchards. However it doesn't last for long. right now I have 3 cherry orchards and 7 apple orchards. Plus Almond, citrus and olive orchards. I make fertilizer once a week. I rarely miss the apples during the day so they are always working.

    You will get there. Try ignoring the cherry for a couple of days so you get ahead. :)
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