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Changing the Achievement Number

chicaachicaa Posts: 437
How can you change the number within the star on the achievements page?

I see alot of higher up farmers who have a #1 within the star, and they have alot of stickers also..it doesn't make sense to me. I figured there must be a way to fudge it.

Is this the case? Can someone enlighten me please? Thanks!! :o)
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  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 15.02.2014
    Simple: by working through the achievements and earning AP to level up the achievements level. The stickers can be put in the sticker book by editing it and adding them to it. Don't forget to save, if you click the cross there will still be no stickers in the book. My achievement level is 29.
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 23.02.2014
    Thank you Larino.

    Why is it that some farmers are at a level 101 of experience point, but still only have a #1 within their star for achievement points?? I don't understand that part.. how can they only have a #1 although have several stamps for achievements that they have reached a level 10?
  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 23.02.2014
    Experience points and achievement points are something different. Experience points or XP are for your farm level, whereas achievement points are for your achievement sticker book. Those two are separate. Once you start gaining achievement points, you need to unlock new categories by visiting the sticker book and clicking on them. If you do not click, the data does not count for those achievements yet. And it takes a while for somebody to gain enough achievement points to level up the achievement level star.

    Did you see any stickers in their book? If yes, then the level should be higher than 1 and I would like to see a screenshot to determine what is going on. If no then they are probably not focusing on achievements and the level is still level 1.
  • AlanLeader (AU1)AlanLeader (AU1) Posts: 35
    edited 25.07.2014
    it really depends on the achievement . the help sticker is only a 1 on the cup ,not a 10 for a completed achievement

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