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Anyone seen my kitty?

I know there's been lots of threads about a cat. Whats the progress on it? I dont think it needs to be over thought like some of the threads I've read. just a cat that we feed and pet and give us happy points. That simple.
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  • VirginiaMcQueenVirginiaMcQueen Posts: 5
    edited 30.12.2013
    Every farm I have ever lived on doesn't have one cat they have two or three or more.
    I'm a dog lover but dog don't usually kill or eat mice.
    this is a great Idea :):):p
    :thumbsup: Capers Corner :thumbsup:

  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
    edited 30.12.2013
    Hey Adrienne,

    our team knows just how much you love cats, but whenever they start thinking about what cats could do on your farms, they end up watching funny cat-videos (like this one) all day long! 8|

    I'm kidding.
    We keep bringing up cats almost every feedback meeting and are pretty positive that one day, there will be something cat-related on your farms. ;)


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