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Issues with Coop Chat & Messages

Good Afternoon:

It seems I am unable to consistently post in my coop chat. I type out something, hit send and then nothing happens. My witty remark disappears from my typing area and never appears in the chat. I have done this many many times. I was wondering if it was the server or my system or space aliens editing my humor. 8)

I have also had problems sending and receiving IGM to and from my comrades in farming.

This is a real problem, because Country Bumpkins just love to chat while we work. D:D:D

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  • montuosmontuos Posts: 1,275
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    • Overactive bad word filter (see this thread if you have non-bad words tripping that)
    • Unsupported punctuation (but I thought that bug got fixed)
    • Text is too long (the limit seems to change almost randomly)
    • Longstanding coop communication bug that GGS hasn't been able to reproduce to fix (see this thread, and others are out there for similar issues in both chat and coop news)
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    Thank you for your reply. Apparently there are many things it may be. I read everything suggested and found that the coop communication bug seems to be the best answer.

    Perhaps I can try smoke signals. I am afraid that since I am the only coop member on the west coast, it may be hard for anyone to see.

    Thanks again for trying.

    Moonshine1962 @ us 1
  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,327
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    Hey Moonshine1962,

    the cooperative chat functionality should actually not be affected by the group message bug. :S
    Does this happen while you are in full-screen mode?
    Did you try deleting your browser's cache and updating the Flash plugin of your browser?

  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
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    Also, it may be because of your computer. My computer used to mess up the chat really badly then I got a new one and it doesn't ruin things like the old one did :D
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  • lyrachat2 (AU1)lyrachat2 (AU1) Posts: 70
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    This has been happening almost since i stared playing and i've finally had it.....
    i type something in the chat box and it happens if i either hit enter or click on the green arrow...i wait for it to be posted on the chat, but mysteriously it disappears and i have to type it in again...
    it isnt a censor thing because it will post the exact same wording the next time or 2 that i re-enter it, but this is driving me crazy!!!

    i have stubbornly written something making changes everytime up to 5 xs before it gets posted
    and it's really annoying when i reach the sentence limit hit enter and type out the rest then look up to see only the 2nd 1/2 of what i wrote got posted..

    also that messege size limit is seriously annoying also, i have been on other forums with huge membership loads on the server and not had a limit...why cant we either have it unlimited or at least longer??? does it really jam up the server that much? if you tell me yes then i can live wt that but it just seems so small for a message, and what is the difference in sending a long one vs sending 5 or 10 in a row?
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  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
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    This happens to me quite frequently, and I'm really glad you posted this thread Lyradangel. I thought I was the only one having this problem, so thank you!!
  • lyrachat2 (AU1)lyrachat2 (AU1) Posts: 70
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    lol i certainly hope it's no just us...
    other ppl one my co-op have said it happens to them too :(
    lyradangel @ us 1
  • Pink Clover (US1)Pink Clover (US1) Posts: 33
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    Happens to me frequently, VERY annoying. Have talked about it with my co-op, many have run into the same issue.
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    Ditto on the issues!! I thought it was because I was typing so fast, maybe it didn't register or something, but two others in my co-op have also said something about it.
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  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
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    Hmm, is this happening at specific times, or when a huge amount of players in your Coop is online? Anything that might give us any direction?
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    When this is happening to me, it is somewhere between 2 and 4 players chatting, various times of day, but most often during the late mornings and early afternoons for us. But that might be because that is just the time when we are on to chat. It has happened in the evenings too, but not as often at nights. Not exactly much help...

    Sometimes, when I am sending a message instead of using the chat, it will freeze up and just stay there with the send button gray and the message unsent (even though I have pushed the button to send it). I end up having to exit it and type it out again too. Not sure if the two problems are related or not...
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  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
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    Sometimes, when I am sending a message instead of using the chat, it will freeze up and just stay there with the send button gray and the message unsent (even though I have pushed the button to send it). I end up having to exit it and type it out again too. Not sure if the two problems are related or not...

    If this one happens, try to put your cursor at the start of your line and add/delete one letter. I know this did the trick once, when we had this (or a strangely similar) problem.
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
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    I find it usually happens when I have a lengthy thing to say.. Not at any specific times of day, but its usually when I have type a 2 or 3 line text.
  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
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    Yes this happens to me occational too.
  • lyrachat2 (AU1)lyrachat2 (AU1) Posts: 70
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    i can' really tell u when it happens, i chat alot, and sometimes it's when i'm typing a full length chat sometimes it's something short...it seems really random and it happens when i'm the only person chatting or when more than one person is
    i thought maybe it was tied to the censor, not that i say anything that would be cut but we all know how weird that thing is...but i tried using the exact same wording and it goes thru
    i guess it's more the full line of text thing because i do often type more than one line...but then again the day i wrote this i was getting really frustrated over putting in a short reference to the gourmet farm and it was the 2nd line of text , not the 1st and it was the end of my sentence, so i wanted to get it typed and i had to repeat it 3 times so i guess i'm no real help at all, :rolleyes:

    it is frequent and random
    lyradangel @ us 1
  • PINJO1986 (NL1)PINJO1986 (NL1) Posts: 1,850
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    I see that some people of you say the chat is disappearing when typing a couple of lines. Maybe it is a good idea to try typing smaller lines, if that doesn't help there is off course something else going wrong.
    Please reply to this thread if you agree

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  • lyrachat2 (AU1)lyrachat2 (AU1) Posts: 70
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    dang it! no one was on our chat and i typed a line about last night's update not fixing the humus issue and ran out of room so i hit enter and finished wt just 2 words on the 2nd lline and i looked up and saw that only the 2nd 2 word line of text was there...lol i'm sure ppl in my co-op wonder if i play drunk or something
    lyradangel @ us 1
  • Mark00001Mark00001 Posts: 1
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    I try to send a message through the in menu chat box (not the pop up you can access from the farm) and when I enter to send the message it just disappears and doesn't enter into the chat. Just wanted to give a heads up in case this hasn't been reported before
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  • Pingo42Pingo42 Posts: 537
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    This will happen if your message is longer than the allowed length. If you try breaking your message down into several shorter parts, it should work. :)
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  • Pnuts (US1)Pnuts (US1) Posts: 4
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    I'm having problems completing my sentences when other co-op members are typing at the same time. So the members only get about half to a quarter of what I say. Is there any way this can be resolved so the chat doesn't do this?
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,558
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    I don't know whether this helps, but I always cut my sentences in pieces (because the chat can only put so much in 1 chat-bar) and end with -....- This indicates to the other members that there is more to come, so they will not write before I have finished. We all do this that way. Only once in a while 2 members accidentally type at the very same moment, but then we just repeat what we would have wanted to say, by starting with "some Dutch code word"

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  • louis17 (INT1)louis17 (INT1) Posts: 21
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    having same trouble can GGBF fix it
    louis17 @ WWW 1
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) Posts: 3,499

    The mailman is not doing his job again! Some co-op messages and personal messages are not being received. We just discovered this today while discussing about sending each other mails and realized the other person hadn't received that mail. A few members said the last group mail they received was on Mar 4th but the last one was sent on Mar 8th (well that was the last one I received anyway). Several members didn't receive that last message.

    Of course, when we tested this everyone got the mail. :p If I remember correctly, the last time this happened it mostly affected the players that weren't online when the message was sent. Could some fellow community members check with your members to see if they have been getting their mail, please?


    Jess :)

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  • Lesley52 (GB1)Lesley52 (GB1) Posts: 1,590
    Is this in game messages or PM?  May explain why I have had 0 replies to 20 in game messages  I sent to players looking for  co-ops

  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) Posts: 3,499
    Is this in game messages or PM?  May explain why I have had 0 replies to 20 in game messages  I sent to players looking for  co-ops

    Yes its in game messages that I'm talking about. Group messages and individual messages.

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  • I cant do anything on my farm and we have a cc going.I cant even use chat!!!!
  • Is anyone else having problems with sending email through Big Farm? I type and nothing shows up on the screen. Takes about 20-30 seconds for the typed letter to show up. This has been going on for a few days. I kept thinking it would go away. Is this happening for anyone else? Thanks
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) Posts: 4,911
    I haven't sent anything for quite some time, but even months ago it was doing that -- made me look like a total dope with all the typos as a result.

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  • Shay1968 (US1)Shay1968 (US1) Posts: 1,324
    @MrsBL (US1)

    That my dear is what you call "lag".  It is because of all the little popup icons flying around everywhere.  It was somewhat bad before, but now it is really bad since the WWC started and I am sorry to say will probably not get any better.  What you can do on your side to help is shut down your computer at least once a day and clear flash cache and history often.  This will help some.

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  • seems to be alot of issues atm ... typing / messaging using micro edge is very slow ... ok very very slow , and when i change to chrome i get shockwave crashing all the time.

    Any other suggestions ?

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