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Hey Doc... I'm sick!

Instant Ocean (US1)Instant Ocean (US1) US1 Posts: 189
edited 15.11.2013 in The Chicken Coop
Hey fellow farmers!

This is a new game I thought of and it is somewhat related to the game. Farmers and old timers had "a cure for everything", using the oddest things... and some of them worked. Fat chance yourself or your Mom or Granny had a special trick to cure a sore throat or a backache or whatever....

So here's how it goes:

1. Someone comes in the office and state his illness
2. The next person that knows an old timers remedy that WORKS and is not a myth posts his "prescription" and claims to have the next illness of his choice.


1. You cannot "prescribe" a real medicine that is not available over the counter.
2. You cannot use any "Homeopathic" nonsense either... those are just felons selling you insanely high diluted "whatever" to rob you.
3. You cannot kill your patient... so no smarty pants poisonous answers are allowed.
4. IMPORTANT: If you have a better cure than the one posted, you can post yours as long as you supply internet link(s) that proves that your cure is better than the one posted before. If the person before you cannot submit proof to the contrary, you win the round and you post the next illness. Illness from first "doc" will then be ignored.
5. You are allowed to ask your Doc any question you feel relevant.


Well, those old folks actually had quite a lot of good tricks in their bags and I'd like, as you may too, know a few more. I sure know a couple of them.

So, I'll go first...

Doc, I have a sore throat and have a hard time swallowing. What should i do?

Have fun and play nice!

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  • Bourletta (US1)Bourletta (US1) Posts: 35
    edited 14.11.2013
    Here is the prescription for you, take a teaspoon of methylene blue which you can obtain at the local drugstore before bed and make sure that you do NOT drink or eat anything after taking it. I guarantee you will feel better in the morning.

    Please help me with this urinary infection.
  • Instant Ocean (US1)Instant Ocean (US1) US1 Posts: 189
    edited 14.11.2013
    Hey thanks Doc Bourletta... Any reason why my pee is blue this morning... I'm a bit worried... but my throat feels much better! BTW, that stuff tastes AWFUL! Can I do something about that?
  • Bourletta (US1)Bourletta (US1) Posts: 35
    edited 14.11.2013
    The reason is because not only is methylene blue an antiseptic it is also a dye so your pee will go from blue to turquoise and come back to it's normal color as soon as it is out of your system. Nothing to worry about, it can actually be fun to see the color :) As for the bad taste, if you really can't stand the taste you can take a teaspoon of jam or honey right after taking it but it would be best to avoid taking anything in order to let the methylene blue do its job faster. I would also recommend you take it at least two nights in a row to make sure you destroy all the mean bugs in your system..

    If you need more advise, please feel free to come back and visit me :)
  • Instant Ocean (US1)Instant Ocean (US1) US1 Posts: 189
    edited 14.11.2013
    Thx Doc Bourletta! I think I'll have it with strawberry jam for the last dose... this is really yukky stuff! But hey, it works!

    Urinal Infection prescription:

    Well, you could drown yourself with orange or cranberry juice and it would most probably cure it if it's in its beginning phase... but there is a much simpler solution right at hand. Take 1000mg of vitamin C every 3 to 4 hours. Don't worry, there is no chance of over dosage with vitamin C as your body only takes what it needs and sends the rest to your bladder to be evacuated... and this is why it works. You see, Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and therefor will change the Ph in your bladder thus making it a not so cozy place for the bacteria that are there and causing you this illness. So they will "evacuate "the premises" dead and you'll be relieved. Might take a day or two to get rid of the nasty bugs. Orange and Cranberry juice act in the same way but with much less effect and takes longer to achieve the goal.

    Hope that helps.

    Doc, I'm sick.... I'm constipated... What should I do?
  • nana28282nana28282 Posts: 133
    edited 14.11.2013
    add some psyllium seeds to your diet and increase your intake of high roughage foods like beans, legumes, fibrous vegetables..oh, and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

    Every time the barometric pressure starts dropping, I get a horrible headache. What should I do?
  • JeepmayorJeepmayor Posts: 10
    edited 14.11.2013
    I used to use that stuff as a college gag, we would but it in brownies and chocolate cake then it is tasteless and in the morning you get the same blue effect.
  • Instant Ocean (US1)Instant Ocean (US1) US1 Posts: 189
    edited 15.11.2013
    nana28282 wrote: »
    add some psyllium seeds to your diet and increase your intake of high roughage foods like beans, legumes, fibrous vegetables..oh, and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

    Every time the barometric pressure starts dropping, I get a horrible headache. What should I do?
    This is caused by the differential pressure inside your body and outside. To lower the pressure inside, you can use ½ a teaspoon of cayenne mixed in a glass of water. Drink slowly... this will dilate your blood vessels and improve circulation.

    You may also increase your potassium and magnesium intake as this will help regulate your nervous system, relax the pressure in your blood vessels. Root veggies such as potatoes, carrots, parsnip and green veggies are usually rich in potassium and magnesium.

    Hope that helps! (BTW, that was not an easy one!)

    Doc, I get those itches and I scratch until I bleed. Do you know anything that could stop the itching quickly? I tried lotions and creams to hydrate my skin more but I still get those itches from time to time. What should I do?
  • Penfold (GB1)Penfold (GB1) GB1 Posts: 252
    edited 15.11.2013
    Sulphur helps with itchy skin conditions, including psoriasis and the uncomfortable (but rare) lichen planus. Try mixing 4 tablespoons of dermatological cream - E45 is good - with 2 teaspoons of sublimed sulphur (sometimes called "flowers of sulphur). Spread over the affected area and, for best effect, do it at bedtime and cover with clingfilm to stop it getting on nightclothes/bedlinen. Works a treat :)

    I sometimes develop white spots in my fingernails. I was told this was due to lack of calcium, but this seems to have been disproved. Any ideas on what they are and how I can avoid them in the future?
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