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A simplified view for rearranging?

HazbeanHazbean Posts: 13
I like that I can shuffle my farm around, but the 3D buildings get in the way of seeing where I have space. When you set your cursor to the the four way arrow it would be a lot easier if you could just see the footprints of each building rather than all their graphical glory.

Also, since I'm speculating, in this hypothetical view it would be nice to be able to "lift" a building out of the way (a bit like putting it in storage) so that you can see whether you can get the nursery and an egg coop where the pig sty currently is without having to play tetris with your farm buildings.

Hazbean @ WWW 1
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,968
    edited 08.09.2013
    Not quite what you are asking for but have you seen this tool?

    Redecorate your farm the easy way :)
  • enochnock (US1)enochnock (US1) Posts: 878
    edited 08.09.2013
    Really good suggestion hazbean.
    I feel the same way. I have picked up building/fields just to see around them looking for extra space. It is a bit difficult to see around things without putting decorations away, then having to bring them back to place them. Which is double the work, some times/days you just want to play the game without having to move & rearrange things constantly. It would be nice if we could also rotate the farm so that we could see our farms at any angle. Also put that annoying "Welcome Gift" box somewhere else, rather than right beside the chat box. Which I have yet to get the gift, even after sending a message to support.

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  • HazbeanHazbean Posts: 13
    edited 08.09.2013
    Oooo! I like the tool! :-D

    Hazbean @ WWW 1
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,968
    edited 08.09.2013
    I'm so pleased you like it too - I'm a great fan of it
  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 08.09.2013
    The app is great, but I think the app AND being able to see "through" buildings would be waaaay more useful, since I've used the app but then been one square off or something because I couldn't see behind my farmhouse, and then been confused as to why nothing fit! Even having a really faint grid on the ground when you're rearranging would go miles to help.
    jaystarr2 @ us 1

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  • Myriad3Myriad3 Posts: 77
    edited 09.09.2013
    Even though someone made some unofficial tool (which I've tried and didn't like much at all), the suggestion is really great and would provide us with options that belong in such a space limited puzzly game anyway. In building mode buildings could get a lower opacity, allowing to see what lies behind them while still seeing what building it is. Temporarily getting buildings out of the way would make it much easier to switch buildings around, without first having to store a bunch of decorations to use the freed up space as some kind of tower of Hanoi.
    Myriad @ en 1
  • wolffie2wolffie2 Posts: 6
    edited 10.09.2013
    I think being able to make buildings and decs invisible when rearranging your farm is a great idea. It would be so much easier, also being able to store things maybe when having a sort out. In stead of having to store all decorations before you even start moving things. You could access it through settings, being able to turn them on and off.

    thanks wolfie.x
    wolffie @ en 1
  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
    edited 11.09.2013
    I am using that 'redecorate the farm tool' thingee. I am making a FarmArt with it! My eyes are not so good lately, but i think i can do it, if I have the tool. I do wish that there was something to enter in the happiness value to squeeze as much in there as possible though. But, I can manage to do that on the farm as i bring out the decos from storage. I will post the finished look later (tomorrow ???) .
    Oh to post Farm Arts again!! Can't wait ;)

    Being able to toggle views while in the actual farm would be so helpful!
    monica7953 @ us1
    My heart got left on a different farm game time to shrink it a little--I don't think most remember that one anymore ;(
  • pop1pop1 Posts: 341
    edited 11.09.2013
    Although i'm becoming a pro in rearranging, definitely i would appreciate an integrated tool such as Hazbean is suggesting. At the beginning it took me several hours to fit everything in, squeeze them, as tight as possible, making any thinkable combination ! Oh, these little 2X3 or 1X3 pieces, hiding behind tall buildings...
    pop1 @ el 1 , Ε΄λληνεςΑγροτες, ψάχνουμε νέο μέλος, στείλτε μήνυμα !

    eagle owl @ WWW 1

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