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selling chicken feed

PlayerSamedi (INT1)PlayerSamedi (INT1) INT1 Posts: 206
Hi everyone,

my english isn't very good, i hope you will understand my question

I have 900 chicken feed now and i can't produce any more if I don't sell some.

But there's one sentence that I don't understand very well:

ATTENTION: You will be at a loss (if I sell chicken feed)

What loss will it be?
Will I lose asian cranes that I collectet by harvesting chicken feed?
I need to produce more chicken feed because it gives me more cranes than other stuff on my farm,

please help me to understand

Thank you
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  • bøffe (SKN1)bøffe (SKN1) Posts: 383
    edited 07.09.2013
    It only means that it cost you more to produce the chicken feed than what you get if you sell it.
    You will NOT loose your cranes :)
  • PlayerSamedi (INT1)PlayerSamedi (INT1) INT1 Posts: 206
    edited 07.09.2013
    oh, thank you very very much !!!
  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 07.09.2013
    To explain it a bit better: it means you get less money for your chicken feed if you sell it as compared to selling the unmilled crop: corn.

    Selling corn directly is better than selling chicken feed. And selling eggs is again better than selling corn.

    However, sometimes you have to sell feed to finish your task (like the crane task) and you only lose a few dollars which you earn back very soon.

    Also, the higher your happiness, the less dollars you lose when selling chicken feed.

    Good luck!
  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
    edited 07.09.2013
    Instead of selling--you could also make some pigfeed or cowfeed to restock your supplies a little.
  • So I too am faced with selling chicken feed at a loss.  Is there a way in the game to sell it at cost or at a profit?  I can't find any way to sell my chicken feed.
  • I think there's a way (was introduced with yesterdays update) but its random.

    Your neighbours can now request feed and pay you the usual fee (and up to 20% bonus). Not sure if it's actually at a profit though.

    500 chicken feed gets roughly 25k dollars (+20%)
    I've also gotten 120k (+20%) for 1k of pig feed (at least i think it was pig, was zoomed out at the time).

    But you'll have to work out yourself whether thats a profit or not depending on process costs etc.
  • The customers that walk up to the Organic Farm Market ask for feed. Catch them quickly for a 25% profit. Or, convert it into premium feed using the farm laboratory. There is no limit for premium feeds in storage. 

    Before the farm laboratory, I made and sold chicken feed "at a loss" all day. It was well worth it to keep the mill active for drops and XP. 
  • @Kerry (AU1)   You can now build a lab on one of your farms & turn the chicken feed into premium chicken feed, there is no storage limit on premium feed.

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