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Wheel of Fortune



  • Thank you Data King! :)
  • I have noticed the last 3 times the wheel of fortune showed up I have not received the free token we normally receive.Have they stopped giving us the free tokens for this?
  • Thanks for the reply,I knew something was off but did not know just what was happening. :| 
  • Gin7 (US1)Gin7 (US1) US1 Posts: 256

    We always had wheel of fortune tokens in the fields.  How else do we get them now since we don't receive them when the game shows up.  I haven't noticed getting tokens in other ways that we hadn't gotten them before.

     I don't play as often since they don't start me off  with a free token.
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    they can be won from the horse races,hard worker,coop championship,in the mystery boxes,they have been being given out with the new year thing that has been going on too i also think they were given out as prizes for the candy temp farm if you donated enough candy but could be wroung about that i have not done that one in a very long time
  • I haven't gotten ANY tokens doing any of things. 
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    I haven't gotten ANY tokens doing any of things. 
    You need to harvest a lot to get them.
  • Thanks for the reply,I knew something was off but did not know just what was happening. :| 
  • I spun the wheel of fortune and I was at rank 1 till the event finally ended. Despite of using 100 tokens I didn't got any pop up or Irish,band of leprechauns and double exp. I contacted support for the same but I didn't find any copy of my complain, which clearly means that my complain has not been registered. This incident happened in the month of February. Though I tried few more to register the complaint but nothing happened so I decided to post it here. Please help!
  • I send mail to support too and did not get copy on my mail...
  • Same with ticket number too....from which we could have either got the status of the problem being solved.
  • CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
    edited 04.03.2016
    Heya, we had a bug causing the support form not to send out a confirmation mail, but your mails should still have arrived :)

    edit: Nevermind, no bug at the moment. Please give it a bit of time if you don't get an automated reply, it should (!) work.
  • CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
    Alright, checked and both mails arrived, please check your spam folders for any mail from us :)
  • Thank you gentleman...i really appreciate the help you provide us. With warm regards, Anvesh Pathak.
  • paultje1975 (US1)paultje1975 (US1) US1 Posts: 163

    GGS found a new milking cow

    this wheel of fortune during championship is redicules

    there are players who get 10 miljon reputation points in 1day. This can only be reached if you earn around 7 miljon during the wheel. I spinned a few times to see what you get the prices are 5,000 or 10,000 and 1 time i got 20,000 in super round.

    this means that some players played more then 1,000 tokens on the wheel and maybe even more then 2,000.

    congrats GGS you earned much here.

    for the game we loose again cause it is even more a gold game then before and that while they would make it less about gold LOL

    hope the wheel of fortune get changes next time. But since its a new milkingcow for GGS this probably will take another year

  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617
    I'm hoping the wheel will return to "normal" once the CC is over.  :)

  • Ros7 (US1)Ros7 (US1) Posts: 202
    of course this is a gold game and this is what they want to be, dont forget that this is a bussiness for them and I am agree with you guys I hope after the CC the wheel will return to "normal" too, I think this will happens...keep the faith ;)
  • paultje1975 (US1)paultje1975 (US1) US1 Posts: 163

    ofcourse the normal wheel commes back too but i really hope the wheel will be changed during the next championship

    hope but yes they make much much money out of this so it will probably stay this way during championships

  • Ros7 (US1)Ros7 (US1) Posts: 202

    ofcourse the normal wheel commes back too but i really hope the wheel will be changed during the next championship

    hope but yes they make much much money out of this so it will probably stay this way during championships

    maybe yes ...you are right
  • paultje1975 (US1)paultje1975 (US1) US1 Posts: 163
    edited 03.04.2016

    ok some more figures

    it seems that 1,000 tokens gives about 1 milj rep points during the wheel.

    there are players who have more then 18 miljon rep points. if you play very heavy in missions you can get max 3 milj rep points a day with playing missions .......so they won on the wheel 12 milj rep points!!!

    that is 12,000 tokens for the wheel. you can buy 50 voor 13,500 gold.........

    ok GGS good work in making the championships less depending on gold .... LOL

    hope you changing this fast!!!

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 535
    We have heard that most people are actually not so fond of the WoF in the championship, and we will be bringing this info to the game team.

  • They got rid of the ONE prize I actually played hoping to win.  The blue certs.  Gone.

    I don't even know what this super cow thing is.  All I see on there is feed.   We are farmers.  Feed is not a "prize."  

    Ok, adding this to my ignore it list.
  • paultje1975 (US1)paultje1975 (US1) US1 Posts: 163
    edited 04.04.2016

    the biggest reason why they dont like the CC is the wheel. its another buy me the win feature. and really two times the wheel in 1 championship??? and dont tell me there will be a 3th one.

    without the wheel i think the championship rework is good. but the wheel spoils it all. But well probably the shopping bags and buy rep points will show up also.

    after the wheel of fortune disappeared we where 5 million behind place 3. In 12 hours without the wheel in the game we almost closed that gap with hard work and PLAYING missions, Guess what then the wheel came again and in notime we where 7 miljon behind again.

    when does ggs learn it that these kind of trics is the reason that people stop playing and choose to not buy any gold anymore cause its starting to be only for the very rich players! Players that can effort 20 dollar a month have no change against players that can buy 10,000 tokens during championships!!! so why bother to try. I for sure stopped trying.

    @CM Popeye  is this what GGS thinks is more fair and less gold depended??? well i think there need to be some serious talking with the developers. I could have told you that this would happen.

    @CM Popeye how far is the game with a real championship where its not possible to buy rep points without playing missions. pleas let it run 1 times in 4 month without wheel, shopping bag or buying rep points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post edited by paultje1975 (US1) on
  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,554
    The WOF is only one of the reasons we don't like the 'new and improved' (LOL) CC. 

  • Can't really change the way their pay model works. Well, maybe if the players pledge their support for a change in the model and/or there is some evidence to show that a different model will at least be sustainable(if not better) for the company than it could change. Problem is with the most of the ones I know of off the the top of my head wouldn't work because ggs' games are still free to play(even if you can virtually "buy" the game, still free to start playing and get to a high level while accessing most if not all of the content). The only other models I can think of would be players buying skins(visual enhancements that don't give real advantages, like having an autumn ornamental tree versus a regular green one) or providing a limit to how much gold one can spend daily. Won't continue to discuss this as it's arguably off-topic, so in short...

    WoF and CC aren't big issues as one can already 'buy' the game, let alone just those two events. Any sort of competition makes it so the people who support the game with a lot of money typically do better than f2p players, since well, that's why they bought the gold. 
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