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Did you get Eva Apple's name from...?

Eva's Youth by Nico Van Suchtelen? I'm reading Anne Frank at the moment and I made that discovery! Did anyone else notice this? the apple part comes from her thinking children came from trees like apples.
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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
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    I thought it was just because she was doing stuff with fruit trees (in the same way that the Screwdriver guy fixes production buildings, Buddler is about plants, etc.), but that's a much more interesting explanation. :)
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 105,702
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    I assumed that Eva was the German version of the name Eve, who is famous for her love of apples :)
  • choppychop (GB1)choppychop (GB1) Posts: 789
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    oh ok. And eve as in adam and eve? With the poisonous apple of temptation?
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