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Suggestion for mods when deleting posts

jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
Hi mods,

I know you do a fantastic job, for which I am grateful. It's a thankless task and you volunteer a lot of time to do it.

Here's the suggestion:

If you delete posts within a topic, would you please let the poster know which posts you are deleting and why?

I've had some of my own posts vanish, and I know that several others have. No explanation is given for these, so then the recourse becomes either to track down all the mods to ask whether they deleted the posts, or to be frustrated about it, neither of which is helpful or time-efficient.

It would also help maintain the boards better if people knew what mistakes they were making and could learn from them, so they wouldn't do the same thing (which would require more moderation) in the future.

Editing posts gives you the "reason" option at the moment, so at least people know who has edited their posts and why they were edited. Deleting does not. Other forums I've been on have a process when when you delete a post it automatically sends a forum mail to that player so they know what's happening. Since we don't have that system yet, letting people know why their posts have been deleted would increase the amount of transparency and accountability for when posts "disappear" from the forum.

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  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,969
    edited 31.07.2013
    I expect this applies to Kat Nip and Farmer Tess too, but I cannot recall having deleted anything but outright advertising spam, nonsense fghfhgfgk type spam or cursing and foul language. Oh and one 'loophole' that I didn't leave public

    I've moved posts, and merged them, and then generally, but admittedly not always, PM'd the poster with the new URL. And the fghfhgfgk type spammer I also PM to warn them stop it before infractions are given
  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 31.07.2013
    Thanks Rhon, it's also useful (for me anyway, and maybe others) to know what the appropriate mod procedure in these cases are.

    I also ask about the disappearing posts because it's not clear if that's a problem with the forums (if no mods deleted the posts) or it's a problem with the poster inadvertently not knowing that they are breaking the rules.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,969
    edited 31.07.2013
    If a rule is broken a PM would always be sent. It's much better to prevent future problems than just hope it doesn't happen again

    And infractions, get too many and you will get a ban, are only given with staff agreement. Bans without prior infractions and warning are only given by staff
  • FarmerTess (AU1)FarmerTess (AU1) Posts: 2,393
    edited 01.08.2013
    Plus don't forget that if a post is moved because its off topic but belongs to another thread that has the same topic. any replied to that original thread would go with it, but only the first post would get a pm saying where their post was put.

    I do delete posts that are Off topic without sending a pm if its a post that says Hi whats your real name. Or just plain Hi etc etc.

    I can spend anything up to 4 hours just in the forum ignoring my farm So I sure do not want any extra work load put on me, by being expected to pm for every little post that is deleted. Like rhon said, if its a lot of spam by the same member they get a pm warning. But once or twice I just delete and thats that.

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