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Ggs needs report buttons!!

I was happily posting on a thread in the game section when suddenly two people (no names plz) started spamming and talking off-topic for no reason! It was totally out of order and disrupted the whole thread!
GGS needs report buttons for this kind of stuff!!! Most of the staff aren't online during daylight hours in my timezone because of their own countries' timezones and even if you come back in the middle of the night it's already too late! It clogs up the whole system and blocks people from having fun!

I am not saying any names but I am only saying the spam is on the 9th page of "Next User Will Post the Image of ___ ?"
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 105,710
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    Dealt with for now

    Which of course doesn't obviate the need for the report button
  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 14.06.2013
    Yeah, there's been other times when people have just randomly posted swear words (with spelling modifications) in the forums. Right now it takes time to go to your mail, send a mail to a moderator with the details and wait until they can head over to check their mail, go to the topic and deal with it, all the while which other people might be seeing the offensive post and/or trying to send their own reports so the mod gets 4524362056265273 mails.

    If there was a report button that would alert the mod who was online at the time to the topic (or even if the post just came up for them and they could assess its appropriateness without the topic), as well as a way to let everyone else know that the post had also been reported, that would be good. Also, you'd need to build in something for people making false reports as well, but that would be secondary.
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