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SUGGESTION: Notificationsystem for forum

jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
edited 15.05.2013 in Archive (Read only)
(Sorry, typo in the title...)

This suggestion comes from this topic. I also know (anecdotally) that some people have posted things before, only to later have them removed or edited with no explanation given.

Then people go back and can't find their posts and get angry and think there's some evil conspiracy going on. Or maybe they simply needed to reference something and can't find it again and waste a bunch of time looking for a post that is no longer there.

As a suggestion, can we get notifications/warnings or something if our posts do not meet whatever rules GGS Forums have? All you'd have to do is amend it such that maybe there's a "Warn/Alert Player" button or something for the Mods/CMs, so they can hit that and then give an explanation for why the post is problematic.

That way players can learn not to break the rules again if they know what they have done, and maybe then there can be some accountability/paper trail for the mods/CMs who have actioned the post.

I think this will overall help with the transparency between the players and the authority. I have been on several other games where this system is in place and it works well for helping with moderation, as well as fostering a better online community overall. :)
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