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Why does editing only show up in a few comments?

In some of my comments, if i did a tiny spelling mistake and later correct it, it comes up as edited. but when i do it in some comments, it doesn't show up. Does it depend on the editing length and how much has been edited? I'm not complaining, i just wanted to know.
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  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
    edited 22.04.2013
    I noticed this too. I think it is when you edit after you have gone to other topics that it will have that at the bottom. If you immediately see an error and correct immediately--it will appear as if your statement is shown as original post.
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  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) Posts: 3,795GB1
    edited 23.04.2013
    Choppychop, it's depends on how long it's been since you posted as to whether or not you get the edit notice when you make an edit.

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  • choppychop (GB1)choppychop (GB1) Posts: 789
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    ah ok. Thanks Kat Nip!
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