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    I think my friend watches it
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    Got to join in.

    The episode that we watched Thursday night, was about Gold finding a way to cross the line in the road, so that he could leave storybrook and find his son. At the end Hook shot Belle just as hook was crossing and then a car came out of nowhere and knocked down hook. The number plate was 2KFL. My interpretation To Kill for Love.

    It was a great episode. Its not my favourite Series but I do like it very much.
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    Ohh Tess you have such a long way to go.
    So much happens, Lets just say that the person in that car wants to destroy Storybrooke.

    I won't say how or why, but you will have to watch to wait and see.
    The finale was a total shocker, and can't wait till the next season!

    Once i know more about the next season i will post a big update on this thread.

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