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what level do you need to be for....

a goat stable and an apiary?

oh and why does it tell you to buy a restaurant at level 20 when actually you can only unlock it at level 25? no one would have that much gold anyway if you don't wait until then. its silly.
and what level do you need to be for an almond orchard? does it come with the other farms?
Thank you. that is all.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 105,717
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    Many people have bought their Gourmet Farm with gold at level 20. There are rich players out there :)

    Only the Gourmet Farm can have an Almond Orchard.

    The Goat Stable is only on the Gourmet Farm too

    The Apiary is only available on the Flower Farm. The Flower Farm requires you to be level 40 (or 35, if you unlock it with gold.)
  • juniper23juniper23 Posts: 56
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    The Goat Stable unlocks at level 44, but you also need an Almond Orchard built before. The Almond Orchard is available at level 37.

    The Apiary requires an Olive Grove built before that, which requires a Mixing Plant built before that, and the Mixing Plant requires the Distillery. The Distillery is available at level 44, and I seem to remember it requiring a Meadow built before as well. Unfortunately, I am not at a high enough level to answer your question completely, but hopefully you will be better informed. Also, there is a Citrus Orchard that comes after the Apiary.
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  • choppychop (GB1)choppychop (GB1) Posts: 789
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  • Ala123Ala123 Posts: 52
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    "The Almond Orchard is available at level 37" but ONLY if you have a Dairy ( which also requires the Bakery first) but then your Restaurant can sell MARZIPAN ICECREAM @ $280,000 ! Which requires CREAM & MARIZIPAN from the Dairy ( which requires butter+almonds) How's your headache?
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  • Bweatherholt (US1)Bweatherholt (US1) Posts: 359
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    "Hows your headache" lol.. This before that and that before this... Im sure caused a headache :) Good advice otherwise
  • AphasiaAphasia Posts: 223
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    You can buy the restaurant at level 20 with gold because once you've built the mission specified number of decorations and houses there, your happiness is unsatisfactory and you have no room to add more decorations unless you buy land to expand, thus spending more gold, as you can't expand with cash until level 26. While free to play, the game is a money making enterprise for GGS, you know.
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