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There should be a link on our profiles on this forum to go to our farm(s)!

It would be so much easier than having to open a new tab all the time!!! It should be a tiny icon of a house or animal and on our farm(s) the icon should be a small piece of paper with lines on! Some people may have slow computers and opening new tabs might slow everything down.
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Life is like a book


  • choppychop (GB1)choppychop (GB1) Posts: 789
    edited 07.04.2013
    just a suggestion.... i have a big imagination, ok? i dream big. doesnt mean it will actually get made or anything.
    Life is like a book
  • Peggyegg (GB1)Peggyegg (GB1) Posts: 67
    edited 08.04.2013
    Excellent idea
    Peggyegg @ en 1 \Happy Hens:)
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