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Sharing/Trading With Coop Members (incl Collectibles)



  • NeoniteNeonite Posts: 64
    edited 24.01.2015
    I have to say fairplay isn't one of BF strongest points.
    When we get the horse competitions the winners can easely be the ones with big pockets of money.
    If you look at the hotdeals, you can bus lots of tokens and shells.
    With those you bus lots of special and normal seeds.
    Which will give you full ships and lots of horseshoes.

    But that's how I see it (ofvourse it could be wrong thinking)...?(
  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
    edited 24.01.2015
    GGS' 'fairness' is a topic of many other threads. :)

    To the topic here, the first response pretty much covered it. Especially the Multis which are against the rules, but not really regulated since there's precious few ways to take advantage. But if you could gift things from one account of your own to another, the Multi issue would become big, and force GGS to police it, and I'm sure they feel they have better things to do with their time....

    Besides... where is the challenge in being given all you need to succeed? Its more fun to work out how to deal with the lack of whatever, than to just bypass it. But yeah, if you're really stuck, GGS will always help you out for Cash. lol

  • jul102jul102 Posts: 3
    edited 24.01.2015
    Awesome point Janiss, bright bulb or not ;)
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,770
    edited 24.01.2015
    Zee55 wrote: »
    OK I spent some time looking and hadn't seen anything but I did not read all 100 plus pages. It would be nice if we could send horse shoes or other items like seeds to the other players in our co-op. If we worked hard to get them they belong to us, should we then be allowed to use them as we like.
    We were speaking about this today.


    Although your idea sounds good on paper, it doesn't translate well in practice. As the others have already pointed out, there is sadly a number of players who would use this as a way to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of us. Only in a perfect world would everyone play fair. And this is definitely NOT a perfect world. :( As for the advantages gained by using gold, those who do that pay for the rest of us to be able to play for free. I can live with that! ^^
  • Janisss (AU1)Janisss (AU1) Posts: 63
    edited 25.01.2015
    I find it ironically funny that the idea of another player gaining an unfair advantage over others is so prevalent in this thread as a reason to not allow what the poster has suggested.....yet in the last coop challenge we were offered the chance to BUY reputation points...TWICE......"shaking head"....... Here's a thought.....somehow fit the use of gold into such a transfer & that would certainly make it a positive AND legal move. I understand the point that many posters are making but I must admit that I am perplexed at the "pick & chose" attitude of what is deemed fair & what is considered foul. As for fairness being the topic of many other threads......seems to me that suggests it is a strong, pertinent issue & should be addressed whenever applicable.
  • Bub69 (US1)Bub69 (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    edited 31.01.2015
    I think it would be really neat if we as co-op members could send things to our fellow co-op members such as produce and or game money to help the smaller players along or help someone who is in a pinch. To me that is what a real co-op should be able to do as co-op members inside their own Co-op! 8)
  • MoonionsRule (US1)MoonionsRule (US1) US1 Posts: 491
    edited 31.01.2015
    Yeah - I like this idea :) to be able to send things between players of same co-op!! Gifts ? Gift baskets ? lets say my co-op members needs extra milk for his baking, I could send him that 8)
    Maybe that could be added as a small Market building on one of the farms (probably main) and thru the market - we could send produce to each other???
  • edited 08.02.2015
    I know i'm proberbly wasting my time asking this as its just another way to get us to buy gold BUT :) i'm going to ask anyway, The idea of a co-op is to work as a team to utilize assets that each of us have to increase the productivity and the performance of the group in question, so why is the one thing we all really need NOT available to us, we collect items to enable us to take part in missions but we can not as a group contribute them to a pool where they can then be allotted to a specific mission, Don't you think we are already inundated with buy gold to do this or buy gold to do that, this is an option the co-op's would benefit from greatly enabling players to do their bit by contributing what items they have to the team they play for, come on GG give us a break from this buy gold to play mentality and introduce this one small request, the word is full of take take mentality lets have a little give and take instead :),

  • dizzyb (GB1)dizzyb (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4
    edited 08.02.2015
    I think that's a great idea Andy. I have only been playing a couple of months and so can't yet make contributions - I would be happy to pool my collectibles.
  • SonarFarms (US1)SonarFarms (US1) Posts: 18
    edited 19.02.2015
    A good addition to the game would be in the co op to have in the projects a sliding scale like you have in the events and tasks to donate. Right now only one person can contribute to one item, and if we are short it can't be filled, if the change was made, the items could be filled.

  • NatNaaiNatNaai Posts: 3
    edited 04.03.2015
    i have noticed that quite a few new farmers stop playing big farm because it takes to long to upgrade. i do believe that they'll stay longer in the game if you can donate resources like money, gold, products and even decorations to them to upgrade faster. The donations can be all the time or for a small time period.
  • khrysavek (US1)khrysavek (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    edited 04.03.2015
    Ok, here's my thoughts on this. I would LOVE to see sharing available within the game, but I also understand the desire to prevent 'sharing abuse' of the various kinds listed above. How about you create the ability to share, but tie it into the email system? Say, JohnnyNoob needs some dung, posts in the co-op chat that he's desperate, and various members of the co-op can choose to send an in-game email with a (smelly) dung attachment. Then it could be tracked to prevent 'abuse' and it wouldn't be a free-for-all either. I have 70k+ dung at the moment, I'm full up on fertilizer, and so it's just accumulating more and more. I refuse to sell the fertilizer, as it sells "at a loss." I'm also constantly selling corn and other produce, which I would generally be happy to send to a friend in need.
  • Bub69 (US1)Bub69 (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    edited 28.03.2015
    I would like to take this time to suggest that you guys an gals look into us as co-op members being allowed to give things to each other as co-op members to help one another out in game play. What I am talking about is allowing us to give money (in game) to smaller players or allowing us to gift resources to each other to help each other out. This could even be done as a banking type system amongst the co-op and players in that co-op alone. This would greatly help smaller players grow and enjoy the game more and would encourage players to chat and play together as a team better. I also think it would allow players to enjoy the game more and make them feel better at perhaps buying gold to help them in other aspects of the game. The Banking system could be set up to where a player could even take out a LOAN so to speak and pay it back with interest back into the Co-op bank so that it helps everyone in the end and it would seem even more like a realistic co-op. Thanks for your time. Please consider this seriously and look into it PLEASE!!! Thanks bunches Happy Lil Farmer ~Bub69~ :-)
  • edited 28.03.2015
    I think a great solution would be a co-op bank. Co-op members could contribute excess items into the bank and withdraw needed items. For example, if I have 13 bar-b-que pits that I have won from the "Wheel of Fortune" but not enough honey because I just started my Flower farm I could contribute my deco and remove honey. It could be on an "honor" system where anyone could remove anything or contribute anything any time, or it could be based on an exchange system, when members only get to withdraw something if they have contributed something. I would love the opportunity to "share" with my co-op members because I do have excess and I just can't stand to "trash" all those bar-b-que pits!
  • LeatherMom (US1)LeatherMom (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 14.04.2015
    Could someone please explain to me what collection items and equipment (breeding dandelions, runes etc) are even used for? I have a ton of them and don't know what to do with any of it.
  • Mina0o (INT1)Mina0o (INT1) Posts: 1,309
    edited 14.04.2015
    The collection items are for starting a cooperative project.
    Breeding dandelions, corn, wheat, barley etc are used in the nursery to create special seeds. You can have a nursery on both the main and gourmet farm.
    Runestones/seashells are used to buy seeds for your greenhouse, special decorations and even themed houses for your workers from a trader connected to the event farms.
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,705
    edited 16.04.2015
    At the very least could we only pay for part of the collectables wanted if we already have some? If we are one short of a collectable, then we have to buy the lot in full rather than the extra portion required. Why can't we donate what we have and pay gold for the shortfall? I can't see GGS losing money with that idea.
  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
    edited 16.04.2015
    I can't see GGS losing money with that idea.

    Of course they would. Especially in high level co-ops, gold is often substituted because one player doesn't have enough. I agree it would be better if co-op members could donate partials, but for every time a co-op did that, instead of paying gold, GGS would lose money.

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,705
    edited 16.04.2015
    I don't mean that a number of members donate partials, I mean that one member can donate what he has and then pay for the rest in gold; right now it is an either/or situation. If you are even one short of the required collectable, then you must pay for the lot in gold. I am still only talking about one member per collectable slot.
  • popeye122popeye122 Posts: 28
    edited 10.05.2015
    Gday i was just wondering if we could send products to each other in the co-op what u think is it possible ?(?(?(?(
  • CRAZE4CRAZE4 Posts: 1,414
    edited 10.05.2015
    yup that would be really great...along with products if we could send some dollars and gold too...hehe:)
  • Mina0o (INT1)Mina0o (INT1) Posts: 1,309
    edited 10.05.2015
    This has been suggested many, many times already. GGS has made it pretty clear that they're not considering any kind of transfers between players..
  • nini0785 (US1)nini0785 (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 10.05.2015
    Oh have they? So what's the reason?
  • Chalaryl (US1)Chalaryl (US1) Posts: 132
    edited 10.05.2015
    Every game I've played with any kind of trading between players encourages players to beg from others, which most find annoying. I'm glad GGS doesn't have it, we already have begging for sparkles and that is more than enough, tyvm!
  • Whisky (NL1)Whisky (NL1) Posts: 91
    edited 15.05.2015
    Would be nice if we could help coop members in missions. Like now the hawai mission, we have some low level players who struggle to finish it, and even if we have plenty of stuff, we cant send them some milk or corn or anything to help.
    So I suggest an option to send basic items to coop-members (not In the amounts that a mayor player can help a new player finish his mission in 1 minute ofc).

    I think it is important to follow up on suggestions like these because they introduce more teamplay.
  • Mina0o (INT1)Mina0o (INT1) Posts: 1,309
    edited 15.05.2015
    Oh! How many time has this been suggested now? I've lost count...
    GGS stands hard on their rules that there won't be any transactions between players.
  • eren yeagereren yeager Posts: 1
    edited 16.05.2015
    why cant u trade,thats unfair
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    edited 16.05.2015
    There is some other use for the decorations that are in your storage or that you do not want. They can be dismantled by Greta when she comes to visit and then use the parts to upgrade your higher value decorations. As Zazu said you can also demo them.
  • edited 16.05.2015
    russ52 wrote: »
    It would be nice if the game had an area for the coop members to trade some things like in real life . Some people have excess stuff and others have different items. If we had a barter area in the coop we could trade items back and forth and would be much nicer for lower level members. A lot of members get frustrated at lower levels and quit because they cant produce as an example fertilizer. If the higher level players could help out the lower levels it would keep them more interested and playing more and longer. I relly believe this would not only benefit the coops but also the game itself. Thank you and would reall like to here more ideas on this subject.

    I would not think it would make people play longer, the complete opposite actually. If they don't have to work to build there farm to that point, everything was given to them, then they would play even less!!!
  • CathyD (INT1)CathyD (INT1) INT1 Posts: 958
    edited 16.05.2015
    Wulwina wrote: »
    But decorations is a good idea, I know for a fact that we all have hundreds of decorations we do not use, why not share them with the players in the cooperative.

    Besides, why can't we share decorations with the other farms we own. We share money, we share the building gadget, why not decorations.?

    We all know what cooperative means: Group of people working and sharing together toward a common goal.

    You know that for a fact? I don't have hundreds of decorations I don't use. Any I had - certainly not hundreds - that I wasn't using, and didn't think I would ever use, I had Greta deconstruct for parts, which I have used to upgrade some deco I wanted to keep on my farms.

    The desire to trade deco between farms/players will never happen and I honestly can't see the other happening either...trading goods with players/co-op members.
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