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Sharing/Trading With Coop Members (incl Collectibles)



  • bigdog42bigdog42 Posts: 2
    edited 08.12.2014
    Its not allowing anyone to donate to the collection of each item, without having the whole amount. Could this be changed so each member could donate their tickets, or compasses, or what have you. It makes it more of a co-op mission that way, rather than one main person.
  • edited 08.12.2014
    Not exactly a "bug"... This is how it is meant to be. It would be hard to have people donating this and that all the time in bits and pieces.

    Plus people would be leveling up the co-ops way faster than they already do. This makes it a game of patience, and doesn't put massive amounts of pressure on the everyday people who can't be there to participate every hour of everyday for projects that would be running constantly. It would likely be the same projects over and over too, which would get VERY boring, very fast.

    I like the set up how it is, and Big Farm likes the gold they get from those who don't feel like waiting to collect an item and just pay the gold to fill an item up instead!
  • WascallyWabbit (FormerMod)WascallyWabbit (FormerMod) Guest Posts: 6,097
    edited 08.12.2014
    Moved to suggestions as this is not a bug. ^^
  • Margit kattMargit katt Posts: 153
    edited 08.12.2014
    I can see both viewpoints. But. I suggest that those collectibles could be divided into 3 or 4 lots at least. Meaning: If there's 1200 needed of a sort. Why not be able to donate when you have 300 or 400? In this case that means 3 or 4 co-op members can contribute. Not like 1 or 10 at the time - that would be awful.
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,770
    edited 09.12.2014
    I can see both viewpoints. But. I suggest that those collectibles could be divided into 3 or 4 lots at least. Meaning: If there's 1200 needed of a sort. Why not be able to donate when you have 300 or 400? In this case that means 3 or 4 co-op members can contribute. Not like 1 or 10 at the time - that would be awful.

    As Samty said in reply#3, the company has a balance to the game as far as collectibles are concerned. No matter how you divvy up the collectibles, the company would only adjust the amount required. There is no advantage to be gained this way.
  • Margit kattMargit katt Posts: 153
    edited 09.12.2014
    I believe you framerjohn. It's pity... It takes forever to get enough of something I think. Haven't succeed yet in 48 levels to get ONE collection at all.
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,770
    edited 09.12.2014
    Haven't succeed yet in 48 levels to get ONE collection at all.

    Wait..what? :huh: Please explain, cause that doesn't make sense. You might be confused about the collection. When you go to add to the collection, do you not have enough available because your fellow coop members have filled the ones you have enough for? If that's the case, you only need to message one of those members who have filled that spot and ask them to remove their collectibles from that project so that you can put yours in.
  • Margit kattMargit katt Posts: 153
    edited 11.12.2014
    No farmerjohn. I mean I haven't got enough for ANY collection - filled or not! And I'm busy here like a lil bee. Belive me. lol It's missing a lot in ALL of them. And I think I've built my farm pretty alright. I do a LOT of missions. I try keep everything busy 100 %. And still - not ONE collection yet.
    I think this is very strange. Especially as I could get my X-mas tree in just 2,5 days! And that was 500 pieces! Also. I got those 320 japanese paintings in a few hours... And I will complete step 3 in just a few hours..
    And I'm now on level 44 - was a typo in the other post... Sorry about that.
    Considering I started at all in mid November - not yet a month ago I should have been able to get at least ONE of them one would think. Or??? ?( 8| :S

    I need 305 puzzle pieces - I have 119.
    Need 119 business cards - have 30
    Need 1700 tickets - have only 518
    And so on.... *SIGH*
  • afar (INT1)afar (INT1) Posts: 87
    edited 12.12.2014
    Are you serious Margit?? I am in level 46 -- not so much different as yours, and in my co-ops I always managed to donate once every two weeks at worst!
    Only 518 tickets?? I've donated tickets some time(s) in the past, and I have 823 tickets leftover. 72 business cards I never donated. You are perhaps very unlucky on collectibles luck, or my server somehow has more chance in collectibles drop rate.

    And I suggest..if, for example, we have 90 of a collectible and 135 needed. Let's say, 900 gold. Can the game decrease the gold amount to be paid since we already have 90? So 1/3 of the needed gold? 300? It won't make that big of a dent of the economic sale by the company's view, I think. It might even promote gold use since there are those people who "AGGH ONLY X NUMBER OF COLLECTIBLES LEFT" and go to gold fairy.
  • Margit kattMargit katt Posts: 153
    edited 13.12.2014
    Yes Rhyme4. I AM serious. VERY serious as this has been frustrating to me of how long it takes! I've been puzzled about it too.
    I mean. There's a LOT of production that has been done beteween level 1 and 44. Right? So how come I don't get any of these collections completed. The examples above are accurate figures for when the post was written. Since then I think I've see like 5 tickets ans 2 of these "muscle mens".

    And when it comes to frequences of my co op when people does donate - It's been don , I THINK only 3 times in these past 3 weeks. Alright. We're only 7 people and those that has completed the collections are above me in levels....

    I mean - it's not really logical to me this...
    "tears hair out".

    As opposite facts - the asian event that's going right now:
    The blossoms now for ex. I've got all 700 on 2 appple and 2 cherry orchards (lvl 2 and 3) on 9 harvests in total on 5 apple harvests and 4 cherry harvests!

    So it seems to me it camn have with the servers to do. I GUESS we're a much smaller number of players on this server as the Nordic countries have little populations compared to UK for ex. Uk = 66 millions (about) Sweden 10 millions. So maybe the random drop is actually calculated on the numbers of players on each server? Id so, it's natural we don't get as much.

    I actually don't KNOW this - just thoughts. Maybe Brian can tell aout it as he does have a farm on the same server as me... ???
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,770
    edited 13.12.2014
    Hmmmm....something certainly sounds out of whack with your collection, Margitt. That's why I was so surprised when you said that you still haven't completed a collection at Level 44, since you should have completed many collections by now. Any answer I could give would only be speculation, so what I would do if I were you would be to contact Support and explain that believe that you're not getting the proper number of collection items. They will at least take a look at it to see if anything appears wrong. You may get an answer you don't want to hear, but hey, it's worth a shot! Good luck! :)
  • Margit kattMargit katt Posts: 153
    edited 13.12.2014
    Thanks farmerjohn. I have suspected that for some time now. Especially as my best friend in real life, that's started way later than me and of course hasn't come that far either, has been able to add a collection! I think it's great she did, but leaves me even more puzzled... I'm realy happy for her of course. :)
    I will contact support and link them to this thread as well.
  • Margit kattMargit katt Posts: 153
    edited 21.12.2014
    Well all. I got an answer from support which I quote here:

    [Support message removed. Please check the Community Guidelines for more information. | Wabbit]

    Well. I did referred them to my exact posts here. The real strange thing is that my friend that started way later than me and hasnät had the chance to spend 1/4 of the time I have - has been able to complte a collection!

    IF the drop ratio are good enopugh than the piseces hasn't been calculated into my collection storage correctly. Oh well. I see them - frequently but the numbers aren't going in. And who can count every piece and keep track of them??? Anyway. That's how it is. As you said farmerjohn. I'm not especially happy with their answer. It doesn't make sense....
  • jole7korgjole7korg Posts: 1
    edited 14.01.2015
    create an option that we can send decorate other players, you can send gifts...
    Post edited by jole7korg on
  • misty0455misty0455 Posts: 9
    edited 08.01.2015
    Great idea
  • edited 10.01.2015
    I would very much like to see this put to action! I have some gifts I know my people could use. I know we have good deeds/pranks and gift cards but I hate the idea of demolishing deco's when I know someone on my team could use it.

    Celtic Farmland
  • edited 11.01.2015
    This idea has been around so many times already... Nice to want to help people, but figuring things out is part of the strategy of the game.

    In the long term, they will be better off figuring things out for themselves. They need to figure out how to budget so they can spend/earn and still make a profit, decide on the happiness levels they want, and grow the farm into something for themselves. You take away the biggest part of the game by giving them free decos and money and whatever else people want to give to friends.

    This is a strategy game, let them strategize!

    Chrystelle - If you don't want to demolish your decos then leaving sitting in the box. You get money when you demolish them though, so I don't know why you wouldn't do that... Mine mostly are in storage for now, building slot is too busy with the temp farms at the moment. But will get back demolishing them when the Viking farm has left again. Your co-op members will get to the same point you are at right now in time. You did it, and so can they. Don't feel bad, maybe give advice on how you made it to where you are and help them reach that place too! :)
  • cabo (INT1)cabo (INT1) Posts: 360
    edited 11.01.2015
    I agree with JoJo--While there have been MANY players whom I would love to help out, if someone had just 'handed' me my farm, I would not be as proud of the accomplishments. Let's help our fellow players with good advice and praise!
  • Cookiie4meCookiie4me Posts: 655
    edited 12.01.2015
    I agree with JoJo too ... the act of gift giving to fellow farmers sounds like a good idea, but in practice it causes jealousy and hard feelings between players. You could give gifts in another farm game, and the givers would get their feelings hurt when gifts weren't reciprocated.
  • FarmurbigFarmurbig Posts: 2
    edited 12.01.2015
    it would b great if coop players could add individually to collections. rather than having one player come up with, lets say 100 flies, let individuals add what they can until collections are met. for ex. 5 players donate to same collection to meet goal.?(
  • edited 12.01.2015
    That sounds like an awesome suggestion. I still haven't come up with enough of anything to add to any of the collections.
  • FarmurbigFarmurbig Posts: 2
    edited 12.01.2015
    thank you.. i know it takes so long to collect,
  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
    edited 12.01.2015
    This won't happen anytime soon, but we still have the Trick or Treat event to make your friends happy :)
  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
    edited 12.01.2015
    I know this can be an issue, but this has been talked over many times: If we would add an option for all players to add into a specific collection, we would have to raise the amount of collectibles significantly, so that - in the end - there won't be much of a difference.

    So no, not going to happen, sorry.
  • edited 13.01.2015
    JoJo, I see your point. Your right (of course), it would be better to advise than to just hand them their farm.
    Good to know I at least get something for demolishing them. Thanks for the reply. :)
  • mona1238mona1238 Posts: 1
    edited 13.01.2015
    Please add an option for us to send dollars and gold to our colleagues.
  • pasohduah (INT1)pasohduah (INT1) Posts: 66
    edited 14.01.2015
    Not another Farmville
  • edited 23.01.2015
    OK I spent some time looking and hadn't seen anything but I did not read all 100 plus pages. It would be nice if we could send horse shoes or other items like seeds to the other players in our co-op. If we worked hard to get them they belong to us, should we then be allowed to use them as we like.
    We were speaking about this today.

  • sdfktgksdfktgk Posts: 140
    edited 23.01.2015
    Zee55 wrote: »
    OK I spent some time looking and hadn't seen anything but I did not read all 100 plus pages. It would be nice if we could send horse shoes or other items like seeds to the other players in our co-op. If we worked hard to get them they belong to us, should we then be allowed to use them as we like.
    We were speaking about this today.


    because then in theory one player can be fed insane amounts for unfair advantage in a competition. For that fact, multi's can be made and do the same. That would also lead to an unfair situation.

    It's been suggested before and shot down quick. BUT... with that said, I don't see why not you can perhaps pay portions of collection items with personal gold. Or maybe "gift" somebody ( it will have to be a gold purchase, of course. What isn't around here) a naughty or nice type of aspect on things other than just the three main farms. Tropical, Viking and Horse are now elements. They make books for some things, why not a purchasable "nice" in those elements? That might get you more action than just the donate to a singular and hoarde something.
  • Janisss (AU1)Janisss (AU1) Posts: 63
    edited 24.01.2015
    I am not always the brightest bulb on the string so I am having a difficult time understanding how gifting another coop member some of my overstock of lime seeds would create an unfair situation in a competition.

    It also seems to me that BF is loaded with examples of "unfair advantages" that are perfectly legal.......and usually only available by using gold.

    Happy Friday!!! :)
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