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Sharing/Trading With Coop Members (incl Collectibles)



  • edited 22.06.2013
    I do agree with the idea of sharing resources between coop members, and I would love to help out my coop-mates with feed and fetilizer, as I often have more than I need. It would encourage people join the coops, as it would provide additional benefit of coop membership. As for previous posts, I never had thoughts about abusing my cooperative's members donations, and never would...
  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 22.06.2013
    Maybe you could build into a system like this that they can ONLY donate excess. That is, the option for donations only even comes up when your barn is full.

    That would prevent evil co-op leaders like Darconio from being able to enslave his co-op members, while still allowing people to do something with their excess production goods besides selling them (sometimes at a loss).
  • Felix59Felix59 Posts: 6
    edited 25.06.2013
    I'm sure there's a topic here somewhere that covers this, but after reading thru several threads I didn't find it.

    I have 82 of 90 Golden Tickets and another co op member has 8 more. Is there some way she can give me the 8? Seems a bit silly that only ONE person out of the co op can put ALL of something into starting a co op mission when it's supposed to be a team effort, so I figured there MUST be a way!

    Thanks in advance for your input, you have a great day!
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  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 24.06.2013
    I'm sorry, Felix, but there is no opportunity to share or send other players anything. No collectibles, no dollars, no gold, no products :( You will have to collect the full amount of collectibles yourself (or the other player for themselves).

    We have been complaining and moaning about that very often, because we all think it is unfair one person has to collect all when the co-op is for teams, but probably because you can also buy them with gold and GGS wants their money, they will not implement that.
  • Amun2Amun2 Posts: 28
    edited 24.06.2013
    Yep, Larino is right. In our co-op, it's a real problem because it takes so long for one person to collect the individual collection items, and we are stuck on either doing the same couple of low-level projects constantly, or waiting a very long time to collect the items necessary for the more advanced projects. What ends up happening is one or two players who buy gold end up paying for the collection items.
  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
    edited 24.06.2013
    The only way to make the collectibles less is to do the optimize processes research. It does cost gold though, at least from level 3 and I think also level 2. We have managed so far without buying collectibles, but we did do the two levels of the optimize processes research :)
  • Felix59Felix59 Posts: 6
    edited 24.06.2013
    Well Dang!

    Thanks everyone, I guess the game needs to make it's money. I'm the highest level in my co op, and the owner, so I usually have the most stuff.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,969
    edited 24.06.2013
    no way to sell or share

    thank you
  • DrBorkBorkDrBorkBork Posts: 3
    edited 25.06.2013
    I wish everyone could donate collection items in the co-op. I mean, what's the point of the co-op if you're not COOPERATING?! lol. Take note Goodgame Developers, people want to be able to throw all their stuff into the same collection item to keep things moving along. You might think it would make things easier, but I think it would eventually make co-ops more competitive (who can complete more projects faster and fight to stay up in the leaderboard)
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,969
    edited 25.06.2013
    i dont think that
    ggs will add into the game
    but we can have some hope on it...
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,969
    edited 25.06.2013
    ...... but we can have some hope on it...
    I suppose you can always have hope but staff have stated categorically that partial donation of collectibles will not be considered :(
  • darconio2darconio2 Posts: 151
    edited 27.06.2013
    @ Connerk2,
    Pretty sure I could demand members contribute their personal funds to coop research and then boot them all out after completed. That would leave me having demanded money for personal use.
    But it is entertaining reading your posts.
    Keep 'em coming, I enjoy shooting them down.

    How would that be for personal use. If anything you are now behind because you'd be in a co-op without contributing members whom you just kicked out.

    I do not think that is logical thinking.
    Keep 'em coming, I enjoy shooting them down.

    Is that what that was. You are saying having members contribute and then kicking them out could be advantageous somehow?

    I run a Co-op and it is not as if I can withdraw their funds and use it for myself.

    If a plan was used such as the OP suggests, then 1 person could help themselves and only themselves to whatever resources are made available.

    I am not being rude here, but someone thinking logically would notice the difference.

    I am not an Evil Co-op leader, and quite frankly the possibility does not exist, however if this idea was implemented a Co-op Leader could demand "tributes", or he/she could just kick you out.

    This game is designed so people cannot "help" each other for a reason (meaning with donations of harvests/money, of course members help in missions).

    I do not know how else to explain this. You either get it or you do not.

    I'll try some more.

    Imagine you were allowed to give game money to other players. A Co-op leader could demand that you all pay $100 000 a day to stay in a top ranked Co-op because the research already done is worth $200 000 a day to you.

    There is no way currently for a Co-op leader to "steal/blackmail" members, and for the sake of fun for all should be kept that way.

    Let's pretend there was a way that involved being in debt to the Co-op "resource bank". Then you would have people joining, raiding the bank and leaving. In games that allow this they are called "ninjas" (bad term in those games), and they are often badmouthed, etc.

    I disagree with the entire concept for the above reasons.
  • timmysmith932timmysmith932 Posts: 2
    edited 08.07.2013
  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,796
    edited 08.07.2013
    No you can't sorry timmy. The best you can do is to gift items on their farm purchased when the Naughty and Nice Event is running.

    Kat. Kittie_by_otomosc.gif
  • ss02092ss02092 Posts: 772
    edited 08.07.2013
    Sorry timmysmith, There is no trade option here.

    You cannot transfer or sell good between players.
  • utmostisland62utmostisland62 Posts: 5
    edited 14.07.2013
    Excellent idea -- I have to much dung -- And I max out my silo.... Want am i supposed to do now? Why can't we sell dung or fertilizer?
  • dragonpridedragonpride Posts: 574
    edited 14.07.2013
    good idea.i have close to 5000 leaves and only use 96 every 12 hrs.
  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 16.07.2013
    I think this would be good also for developing solidarity between co-op players, or at least narrowing the gap between new co-op members (who, being much more junior, might be in a tough position in trying to "help" a co-op) and the vets, who then also don't have to carry the weight of the co-op.

    Also, having leaves and dung coming out the wazoo is kind of uncomfortable sometimes... :P
  • MalikBilal2MalikBilal2 Posts: 374
    edited 16.07.2013
    this thing has been discussed a lot of times but ggs nor the board moderators have shown any interest in it although its an excellent idea
  • FarmerTess (AU1)FarmerTess (AU1) Posts: 2,393
    edited 16.07.2013
    this thing has been discussed a lot of times but ggs nor the board moderators have shown any interest in it although its an excellent idea

    I believe Malreyn has already said in another thread that the sharing of items within the coop will not happen. So what interest would you like us the board moderators to show?
  • aardvark2aardvark2 Posts: 59
    edited 28.07.2013
    I would like to be able to give items to other players. I can see why giving items away that are in storage wouldn't work for GG. It is a business after all, but how about allowing us to bestow items onto other farms from our drop boxes. This would make the Achievement Points task have a bit of point. At the moment there doesn't seem any point to it at all.It's just rewards for stuff we are already doing. Nothing new. Getting prizes is ok, but if you are a higher level player they aren't especially useful so it would be great if you were allowed, whilst they were in your drop box, to give them to another player. It would make me want to win more prizes and engage in the AP thing.
  • Hink (US1)Hink (US1) Posts: 17
    edited 24.08.2013
    I have over 50 decorations that where bought (or won) with gold that I can not use. It would be nice to be able to sell or trade up these items. Any chance of this happening?
  • RachaelBRachaelB Posts: 51
    edited 24.08.2013
    If you put them on your farm you can demolish them and get half price back on the ones bought with farm dollars.
  • Hink (US1)Hink (US1) Posts: 17
    edited 24.08.2013
    Thanks, but I have already got rid of all that I paid farm dollars for. I have ones bought with gold.
  • Lilypaddle (INT1)Lilypaddle (INT1) Posts: 614
    edited 24.08.2013
    The gold ones can't be torn down. Yeah I have some gold one that I won't use anymore. Oh well can't do anything about that now. It would be nice to at least donate them to people in our coop, but I can't see that happening.

    At the end of the day it does take money to run this game so that is why I don't think we will be able to sell or trade them.
  • Suzie4Suzie4 Posts: 105
    edited 25.08.2013
    lol.... would be nice to have that problem... hahahaha :)
  • aardvark2aardvark2 Posts: 59
    edited 28.08.2013
    I think that it would actively encourage people to spend money on gold decorations if they were able to demolish gold bought decorations for dollars. This could be on a similar rate to dollar bought decs. So the top gold bought decoration would have an equivalent dollar demolition rate to the top dollar bought decoration. I accept that GG need to generate income and so gold bought decorations will therefore not be allowed to be traded or gifted or demolished for gold, but if they could be demolished for dollars I think this would actually encourage people to buy gold decorations because they could get something back for them once they were no longer needed.

    Also, I think that you should be allowed to trade or gift items in your drop box.
  • boy18boy18 Posts: 10
    edited 30.08.2013
    I agree with aardvark2 What about the ability to donate deco's to others - like in your co-operative?
  • partymelonpartymelon Posts: 29
    edited 31.08.2013
    That won't happen sorry Boy. We have asked for that before and been turned down.
    We have also asked for the ability of transferring decos between our own farms.

    It would be good to have some sort of buy back scheme like a ggs character that comes around once a month for your unwanted decos. Now with the events providing higher happiness rewards, the surplus are accumulating in storage and have no use whatsoever. Considering that we paid gold for these, could we at least get some farm cash back for them please?
  • ZazuZazu Posts: 0
    edited 31.08.2013
    I have the same probems with the spare decos... I am still hoping, that there will be something like farm 4 where I can use at least those won and not yet used decos... otherwise they are useles... and I do not even need money for their deolition, as I am getting lot of dollars from my farm... it is pity, my farm are fully build I do play with the decos a bit - but I am dropping the ranking every day... as I do not have a much to do there - I am getting small tasks from farm one only... and nothing from farm 2 and 3 - no tasks.. so I staretd to build and demolate decos and stables.. just to do something... otherwise it starting to be boring I am afraid...
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