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June #2 Update: Ice in summer?!

CM KaraCM Kara Community Manager Posts: 160
edited 27.06.2023 in Official Announcements

Howdy Farmers,

It’s hot like a frying pan out there but we’ve got you covered in July!
Along with improvements on both mobile and classic Big Farm, there’ll also be fun Events to participate and awesome decorations to grab.

Refresh yourself with the next Horse Season!

It got so hot on our farms so we’ve decided to bring something cool to the next Horse Season coming 3rd of July! Let’s discover the Ice Age together!
Along with new avatars and great trophies, this Horse Season will introduce the first entries in a brand new "Western" building appearance set for choosable rewards for reaching platinum or diamond leagues.

To cool you down even more, the upcoming Sales Days will bring refreshing decorations, so keep your eyes open!

That won’t be all for July! How could it be with both the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Big Farm’s Summer Season around the corner?! 

Tessa from Big Farm



  • [Acrobatic Kite] Fixed a bug where the reputation points booster doesn't work
  • Fixed a bug where the demolish and store buttons are switched in rare cases → They do work as intended now
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong number of items was displayed after deleting a decoration
  • [Inventory] Fixed a bug where Mystery Boxes can’t  be opened


  • [Golden Week] Reward Decoration: Quality stages 4 and 6 are displayed now as well
  • [Shinkei-Suijaku] Speech bubbles of the Master don’t overlap memory card anymore


  • Fixed firework animations when leveling up → they are not hidden behind dialogue screens anymore


  • [Boat Rental] The wrong text was shown in the title of the dialogue which has been corrected now

BF Mobile


  • Fixed a bug where 'Not enough gold!' or Gold lock confirmation dialogs are triggered without a reason
  • [Fishing Region] Fixed a bug where it’s not possible to see shipload before collecting it
  • [Interface] Fixed a bug where the marker only pops/vanishes when Inventory opens
  • Fixed a bug where Mystery Boxes were not displayed on Deco Valley
  • [Coop Village] Fixed a bug where the game gets stuck after expanding the HUD
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong text was displayed when opening all Mystery Boxes at once
  • [Deco Valley/Horse Paddock/Fishing Region] Fixed a bug where the token build slot is missing on some areas 


  • [WoF] Removed an error message when clicking on greyed-out buttons


  • Fixed a bug where after moving or rotating a decoration they keep an unwanted glow
  • Fixed the placement of the login screen

You can discuss  Ice in summer?! >> HERE<<

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