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[Ended] Anniversary Verses - Winners

RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,467
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10th Anniversary Verses

BigFarm is celebrating its 10th Anniversary

I want you to write an anniversary themed poem with no more than 20 lines based on your BigFarm farming experience.
Length is NOT a criteria. Only the quality of the poem.

Do not hesitate to enter if English is not your first language. 
Cookie Monster CM Kara will be your judge. Although her English is excellent she is not a native English speaker.

You may use your native language: we can see the rhythm and shape.
You do need to provide an English translation.

If you cannot log in to the forum click HERE and I will post it for you.

Standard contest rules apply. HERE.

There will 5 winners of 5,000 gold each 

plus a 10 years Anniversary Winners badge

10 years Anniversary WINNER

Plus ALL entrants will receive a 10th Anniversary BF Forum Badge.

10 years Anniversary

Ends 8th November, 12:00 noon CET.

The same contest is running on Discord. You can enter both but they must be different.
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  • CM KaraCM Kara Community Manager Posts: 97
    edited 26.10.2022
    Howdy poets!

    I am the Cookie Monster in question (Based on the avatar I used to have before I switched to my actual self. No, I'm neither furry nor blue. Most of the time, I'm actually quite happy!)

    Anyway, I'm actually Kara, the Community Manager for Big Farm and more than happy to be able to step in Felix's shoes! He was last year's judge and did an amazing job! I'll try to be as fair as he was last time, though I miiiight have a soft spot for geeky things. But don't be afraid: You can't do anything wrong and I will be happy about every single poet(-to-be) who has the bravery to step up and show us their creativity!

    Rosy already pointed out the rules, I'll just add the following:

    Have fun! :)

    And don't plagiarize, otherwise I'll switch to my Cookie Monster costume again and no, you would not want me to do so as I can be very cookiemonsteresk! (And if that's not even a word, be reminded that this topic here is about creativity and not the correct usage of words. Ha!)

    So, brave adventurers of Big Farm,
    Let's show us your poet that has the most charm
    Yes, I'm a poet of poor quality
    So I'll just stop this frivolity 
    And let YOU shine even brighter
    To become this forum's best writer!

    Have fun and good luck! :)

  • BigRoberta (IT1)BigRoberta (IT1) IT1 Posts: 5,146
    ogni giorno alla fattoria il tempo scorre veloce,
    produrre, pescare, seminare, non c'è tempo per pensare.
    Sono passati sette anni da quando sono un contadino,
    ma ogni volta è una gioia entrare al mattino.
    gli eventi si alternano uno dopo l'altro, 
    ma sta a me scegliere dove andare più in alto.
    buon anniversario grande fattoria,
    con te avrò sempre momenti di grande euforia,
    ma se vuoi fare una cosa speciale,
    regala a tutti un monumento autunnale.  :D  :p

    every day on the farm time goes by fast,
    produce, fish, sow, there is no time to think.
    It's been seven years  I am a farmer,
    but every time it is a joy to enter in the morning. :
    events alternate one after the other,
    but it's up to me to choose where to go higher.
    happy anniversary big farm,
    with you I will always have moments of great euphoria,
    but if you want to make a special gift,
    give everyone an autumn monument.. :D:p
                                                                                                 お金 が なくなる と 関係 が 終わる     
                                                         Okane ga nakunaru to kankei ga owaru ...(quando finiscono i soldi finiscono i legami)                                                                                                                     
  • armonia_rem (IT1)armonia_rem (IT1) IT1 Posts: 23
    edited 27.10.2022
    Già quattro anni son passati da quel dì….
    Mi son vista piccola e spoglia
    ma pronta e con tanta voglia.

    Ho imparato a seminare campi e ottenere buoni raccolti,
    ho allevato e curato animali che mi hanno ricompensato,
    pure le api ei pesci mi han gratificato.

    Ho venduto prodotti e realizzato buoni profitti,
    ho trovato amore e amicizia.
    Qui da mattina a sera trovi sempre chi ti regala un sorriso per ricominciare.
    Nel volo del tempo….
    Che dire ……….
    Buon Anniversario GRANDE FATTORIA….
    Armonia <3
    Four years have already passed since that day….
    I saw myself small and bare
    but ready and with a great desire.
    I have learned to sow fields and get good crops,
    I have raised and cared for animals that have rewarded me,
    even bees and fish have gratified me.
    I have sold products and made good profits,
    i found love and friendship.
    Here from morning to evening
    you always find someone who gives you a smile to start over.
    Over time….
    What can I say ……… .Hey .. !!!!
    Happy Anniversary BIG FARM….
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  • Schmetterlinge (DE1)Schmetterlinge (DE1) DE1 Posts: 1,826
    edited 27.10.2022
    Verse zum 10. Jahrestag
    Eins zwei drei im Sauseschritt
    wir wollen feiern, wir feiern mit 
    Hühner gackern, Kühe muhen
    es gibt immer viel zu tun
    schnell alle Felder bestücken
    das geht ziemlich auf den Rücken
    Sonnenblumen und andere Pflanzen gießen
    damit sie schön sprießen
    summende Bienen fliegen herum
    das ich köstlichen Honig bekomm
    Äpfel, Kirschen, Mandeln und Pfirsiche sind perfekt
    so bekommt man den Kuchen bedeckt
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch
    zum 10 jährigen Bestehen BIG FARM

    10th Anniversary Verses
    One two three at a fast pace
    we want to celebrate, we celebrate with you
    Chickens cackle, cows moo
    there is always a lot to do
    fill all fields quickly
    that's pretty much backwards
    Water sunflowers and other plants
    so that they sprout nicely
    buzzing bees fly around
    that I get delicious honey
    Apples, cherries, almonds and peaches are perfect
    so cake gets covered
    for the 10th anniversary of BIG FARM
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    Schmetterlinge @ de 1  <3o:)<3
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,788
        My 10th Anniversary/Halloween Poem

    It's the 10th Anniversary of Big Farm and Rosie, Benny, & the gang are all here with us to celebrate.
    It is also Halloween month so dress up in your favorite costume, prepare your favorite treat's, 
    get the apple cider, take a hay/ride & don't forget to participate.
    The farm animal's piggies, Cow's, Goat's, Donkey ect, will be getting extra care for this festive time.
    Piggles is even in the front of the line waiting for the extra treat's that will come from both celebration's,
    all homemade not from the store of the nickel & dime.
    There will be lots of food, drinks, & even dancing going around as well as trick or treat.
    So get ready to boogie & be somewhat scared as it is the time to laugh & have fun, give out awards, bob for apples & can't wait to talk about which costume you chose for next we meet. 

       Happy 10th Anniversary & Happy Halloween.


  • Mat 48 (GB1)Mat 48 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 306
    There once was a farmer from Rome
    Who on Big Farm found a good home.
    He farmed in the day
    When there was not much to say..
    Except maybe this is a bad poem..

  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,632
    era una notte buia e di pioggia.
     ... e sola nella stanza cercavo qualcosa che cancellasse la noia ed il tempo si fermasse nel suo scorrere sempre più lento e lento.
    non ero certa di trovare, ma incappai in big farm e tutto cambiò.

    gli occhi si illuminarono dapprima di verdi prati.
    Comprai poi una casetta dai rossi mattoni ed un campo,
    poi un pollaio ed una decorazione. Fu l'inizio.

    è diventata la mia vita virtuale,  un cammino di salite e di discese in otto anni di gioco qui a big farm:
    di perdite  e di guadagni,
    di edifici distrutti, ampliati e migliorati,
    di colori e di movimento.

    nulla è la fine, è ancora l 'inizio, ogni giorno ogni notte, ogni tempo.
    buon compleanno a me a voi a tutti a big farm.

    It was a dark, rainy night.
     ... and alone in the room I was looking for something that would erase the boredom and time stopped in its slower and slower flow.
    I wasn’t sure if I could find it, but I ran into the big farm and everything changed.

    The eyes were first lit by green meadows.
    I then bought a red brick house and a field,
    then a chicken coop and a decoration. It was the beginning.

    has become my virtual life,  a path of ascents and descents in eight years of play here at big farm:
    of losses and gains,
    of destroyed, enlarged and improved buildings,
    of colors and movement.

    Nothing is the end, it is still the beginning, every day every night, every time.
    Happy birthday to me to you all at the big farm.

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,467
    From  Spagetti Farmer (US1)

    Onto the farm I did stroll
    Where I was headed I did not know
    With my bull Bessie in tow
    And my ram Betsy on the go
     I accepted an invitation
     And I joined Ripper Street nation
    Romans, Brats, Farmasters and more
    I had no idea what was in store Fairs, HWE's, and Co-op events Soon it all started making sense 
     soon overcame all of my fear
    And I've only been playing one solid year

  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,634
    I found this game and thought why not play?
    but soon realised I couldnt stay away
    I liked the colours, the graphic, the fun
    and got adicted to the game's charm!

    I joined a coop to meet new farmers
    met different personalities and some of them charmers
    spent hours together , we laughed , we cried
    always a team something we cant hide!

    I watch us all together.. a partnership that never ends              
    who would expect it... these people to become my friends
    and just like that, the years went by
    and I am still here... its something I cant deny!

    it helps me forget any problems I have
    cause every time I play my friends make me laugh!
    it keeps me company some nights I'm alone
    cause my farmfriends know...and call me on my phone!

    and just like that... 10 years passed along with Big Farm
    I wish to you all good health ...and still be here... for the years to come!  :)



                                                                                                                                  made by farmerjohn22 (US1)
  • AntoniaFarmer (IT1)AntoniaFarmer (IT1) IT1 Posts: 249
    edited 03.11.2022

    C'era un contadino di Bressanone
    che era un gran poltrone.
    Quando a BF iniziò a giocare
    si diede un gran da fare
    quel furbo contadino di Bressanone.

    C'era una volta qui un contadino di Bressanone
    ed era un vero pigro.
    Quando ha iniziato a giocare a BF
    , ha lavorato molto, molto , con il
    saggio, l'agricoltore di Bressanone
  • AntoniaFarmer (IT1)AntoniaFarmer (IT1) IT1 Posts: 249
    edited 03.11.2022
    volevo scrivere 'iniziò', non riesco a modificare
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,467

    @AntoniaFarmer (IT1)


    And please provide a translation to English

    Si prega di fornire anche la traduzione in inglese

    Possiamo vedere la forma della poesia in italiano

  • Once upon a time there was a farmer from Bressanone
    and he was a real lazybones.
    When he started playng BF
    he worked  very very hard
    wise guy the farmer from Bressanone.
  • I hear that sound of the farm and wonder
    how 10 years had passed since that October?
    How many events i've run with my fields
    and how many people became my friends.

    I remember the first missions we played 
    ...was just to use humus without delay.
    The hidden decos we tried to explore 
    to increase happiness who workers adore.

    In the summer waiting for the tourists to come
    with the reputation booster,a bonus to grant.
    How can i forget the big architect Steve
    and how he helped the upgrades to complete.

    There are so many things I can remember
    as a player and as a community member 
    and feel happy i'm still here and thrilling 
    that Big farm still giving me all this feeling.

    Wish you all to make more memories in this game
    and all players only good feelings and joy to gain.

  • Ode to Big Farm:

    Here we are, it's been 10 years!
    We've played and laughed, and even shed some tears.

    Friends do come and friends do go. 
    We have our virtual lands we continue to sow.
    Orchards, fields, stables, and boats...
    We harvest, collect, and stay afloat.

    So Happy Anniversary Big Farm we sing!
    Can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring!

    MountainSplash (US1)
  • karadok (PL1)karadok (PL1) PL1 Posts: 1,043
    Polish version (origanal):

    Pytał Gearge, pytała Tessa:
    "Kto pomoże w interesach?
    Kury, krowy, kaczki, sady...
    Sami tu nie damy rady!"
    Przyszli gracze - jeden, drugi -
    oferować swe usługi.
    I jak przyszli, tak zostali,
    bo swe farmy pokochali.
    A dziś jest dziesięciolecie
    tej najlepszej gry na świcie!

    And translation (a little bit different because of rhymes):

    George was asking, so was Tess’:
    “Who will help us with this mess?
    Chickens, orchards, ducks and cows…
    We need farmers just right now!”
    Players heard them, so they came
    To build theirs farms, to play the game.
    The game they loved with all their heart
    Because it’s great for the most part 😉
    So Big Farm is now 10 years old
    Happy Birthday from farmers all over the world!

  • CM KaraCM Kara Community Manager Posts: 97
    edited 10.11.2022
    Okay farmers!

    I've gathered together with ehm... me, myself and  Rosy and we've decided who wins this contest!
    It wasn't as easy as when I'd have participated (because then at least we'd have one definite loser ;D ) but finally, we've come to the conclusion that the poems of those 5 farmers are the most farmtastic!

    Sooo the winners are:


    BUT all poems were great! Thank you all for participating!

    You'll receive your prizes within the next couple of days / weeks.

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  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,788
    Congrat's to the winners.

  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,634
    thank you very much :) ( with a little delay) 
    I loved all poems and congrats to all the contestants !

                                                                                                                                  made by farmerjohn22 (US1)
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,467
    10 years Anniversary WINNER

    All prizes have been paid

    10 years Anniversary


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