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How do I get more points for the fishing task?
I send Oleg out to fish for XP and fish, I send him out in the boat from GF, I empty my boats, produce dip and fix in the restaurant, but I think there is a long way to go.

Another in my Coop can never reach more than 40 wins so she asked me.


  • nuke9104 (US1)nuke9104 (US1) US1 Posts: 104
    I also got points during the Fishing Hard Worker Event.

    Thank you farmerjohn_22 (US1) for the beautiful picture!
  • 24K Mayhem (US1)24K Mayhem (US1) US1 Posts: 479
    It's all about how you load the boats during the WWC. It doesn't count how many fish you catch, per say, but how many times your boat goes out and comes in. So, depending on your boat, loading it for max fish possible with the quickest in and out trip. 

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,500

    Click this to see the 6 fishing tasks that count towards the World Wide Championship

    • Catch fish
    • Send Oleg fishing
    • Send Oleg training
    • Make Chum in dockyard
    • Catch fish in the deeps sea fishing area
    • Prepare a meal in Mermaid Bay

  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 362
    Thank you all  :)

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