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Why have we not been informed that the championship ended a day earlier? And no message/email that Village Fair is starting TODAY!


  • JC FARMS (US1)JC FARMS (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    I have several players in my coop wanting to know why the Championship started early and ended early, please give us an answer and is this going to happen a lot with no notice?
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 362
    I would also like to know if it is a permanent solution?
  • JC FARMS (US1)JC FARMS (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    This is the 3rd week in a row that the CC has started early, everyone in my coop would like to know why, it is hard for us working people to play during the week, could someone please advise, thank you.

  • walle (INT1)walle (INT1) INT1 Posts: 416
    Because now CC it is only 3 Days and it is not 4 days for it  come fast!
  • Taji (US1)Taji (US1) US1 Posts: 52
    @RosyStarling~ The CC has been starting earlier & earlier in the past few weeks, as well as running for shorter amounts of time.
    Is this 'irregularity' going to be a regular thing? 
    My CoOp is growing grumbly, they like things routine.
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 362
    There is also something wrong with the countdown clock this time, the event ends at. 05.30 tomorrow morning?

    It is usually at 09.00

  • I reckon shorter events means more events = more money spent by those who buy victories. So I imagine it's going to be a permanent thing.

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