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World Championship Rankings

So am I correct in assuming that GGS has now decided, in their infinite wisdom, to also ungroup similar player ranks in the World Championship ? I used to do reasonably well (at least I thought so, top 20 a couple of times) in these events, not so much this time ... siiigh Checking the leader boards I am up against players well above my sub 100 status. 250+ etc 

I swear GGS are actively trying to get players like me to actually leave the game.


  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 9,520
    As I recall it, who you get matched against is based on how successful you've been previously so, having done "reasonably well", you have been moved up. If you do "appallingly badly" in the next couple of events, you should find yourself moved down again.  :¬)

  • nuke9104 (US1)nuke9104 (US1) US1 Posts: 102
    @PucksTormentor (US1), I think you may be right, but I think there may be more groupings than the FHWE.  I looked at the people in my rankings, and people around the top are those around my level that I commonly see doing well, but not the high level people that usually do really well overall.

    @Uncle John (AU1), you might be thinking of the Farmer's League.  The pattern you describe is what I see over there, not the World Championship.

    Thank you farmerjohn_22 (US1) for the beautiful picture!
  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 9,520
    @Uncle John (AU1), you might be thinking of the Farmer's League.  The pattern you describe is what I see over there, not the World Championship.
    You're absolutely right  :¬)    (memo to self - don't try to answer questions till you've had at least 2 cups of coffee  lol)

  • If I understand it correctly world wide championship is every one in a single group. I'm seeing 3,482 rankings (there are more payers than that because of ties) in the rankings list. Current top player is level 118. Current bottom player is level 121. I'm level 178 and am currently tied for 945th.

    Anecdotally for Farmers league, I have noticed that if I do very well in one Farmers league (3 gold medals) I am paired with players that are 100-200 levels higher than I am the following week. When they blow me out of the water the following farmers league I seem to be paired with players that are closer to my level again.
  • Farmers League is a different kettle of fish all together, I alternately do well, then get grouped with a bunch of 200+ and fail miserably .. heh

    I just went back and looked at the "Final Rank for the Previous Ended Event. The Great WorldWide Championship". 5/17/2022 Ended 3:50am. I was placed 18th and checking those around/above me were all below < level 115. I am level 94, not sure what I would have been when that event started however.

    You can check it on the Coop Farm at the Advertising Column center square.

    Currently I am ranked 114th. There are 3500 ranked players on the leaderboard. I do not think everyone is in a single group, not like the stupid FHWE .. grrrr. I can find no one < level 90 or > level 250, so it would 'appear ' that I may have got above level 90 in the period since the last event started and have been re-grouped. I dunno frankly but that is the only plausible explanation in my minds eye. This is obviously going to be painful period .. lol Just like my poor Horse in the gold league. Poor thing is getting a complex.

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