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Horse Farm Capacity

Quick simple (hopefully) question, so now I have A Tannery etc and given there is no barn per say, how do I increase capacity for storage of the required parts and the resulting leather etc? What do I need to upgrade in order to make these these capacity popups from harvesting the various tree types stop?



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    Turns out that question wasn't simply at all .. OMG !! .. lol So I have just spent a great deal of time trying to get a handle on how this whole Horse Farm works etc. It is a great deal deeper and more confusing that I originally anticipated but I am starting to get a handle on it.

    I've got three of the 5 required buildings up and running, Saddlers Workshop, Tannery and Spinning Mill, and I have just figured out how to produce the actual items required to make the materials for the Saddlers Workshop to produce the riding gear needed. Once you have each of the buildings up, other than the workshop. The items from harvesting the trees are available for producing the materials required to that then make the saddles boots etc. HOWEVER you have to use the top tab to select the appropriate building and then use the slider in each to select which item to produce, including the NEXT in order. It automatically stops when out of materials. That was very confusing and hard to figure out. The item description at the top tells you how long it will take and how many of each item will be produced, at which point it is automatically transferred to storage in the Saddlers Workshop. Phew !! The trick here is going to be keeping up with the order of production using said slider for NEXT, otherwise it will keep producing a single item until it runs out of materials.

    Then in the workshop, you can now start making saddles, boots, caps, blankets etc. Each having different attributes and requiring different materials and number thereof. re-Phew !!

    These trees take an awful lonnngggg time to produce anything, and upgrading such increases both storage capacity and number of materials produced. The upgrade time is again loooooonnnngggg. There are also tree stumps that can be upgraded, but you will have no idea what type of tree you are re-producing at the time. Trick is going to be upgrading stumps until you find sufficient of the type you need. I can see folks ending up with quite the forest .. heh

    WOW again, who knew .. heh Perhaps once I have some riding gear, I may even get competitive in some of these tournaments. I just sent my first horse to the Co-op meadow and that's is a whole nother story regarding confusion lol. Do not even get me started on the whole breeding thing .. ack ! 

    Edit: Having just had my first race (still lost badly .. lol) with manufactured gear, it turns out riding gear (saddles, boots, caps etc) is single use/race only, just like fishing .. OMG ! Not even recyclable ? jeez GGS ... save the planet !!

  • The horse gear system is difficult to master. Just so you know, I don't see many people racing against me using  gear. My horse is lv88 and I made diamond league a few weeks ago.

    Don't fiddle with smelter until you have a strong tree base and a good handle on the basics. Once you have a foundation, then get a smelter and make some ingots. You then have to have saddlery lv2 to upgrade. Don't make composite ingots until you understand lv2 upgrades. Then once you know lv2, start upgrading to lv3.

    The saddles are your basic go-to for a cheap simple buff - then boots, saddle blankets in that order. You only need ONE cap for a performance buff. Any extra is a waste of material and only get economic bonus (you don't need them). Greaves are a MUST-HAVE if your horse has a penalty trait (jumping, dressage, or racing in a competition where it's not a benefit).

    Of course, race selection is important, but I can't give away all my secrets ;) 

    good luck and happy racing.

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