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Confirmation for Booster Purchases

I would like to suggest a confirmation screen for 10 hour booster purchases (for both farm cash and gold). It would be an extremely helpful feature to have, because it would prevent players from accidentally buying the long booster instead of re-upping the short one that's about to expire. I've accidentally bought the wrong booster several times, which is pretty upsetting when you're trying to save up for a pricey upgrade on one of your farms. 

If that's not possible, I'd be happy with just having more space between the 1 hour and 10 hour booster purchase buttons. Even that would be a huge improvement, because it wouldn't be as easy to mistakenly click the wrong button. Perhaps something similar to the recent menu upgrades?

Anyhoo, that's my suggestion. If you need me, I'll be on my farms, attempting to get as much usage as I can from the 15 million dollar silo booster I just bought by mistake.   :s 

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