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Contest Rules  🔊

 1) Do not enter contests with multiple accounts/shared accounts <- This can get your entry discarded and even can lead to banishment.
 2) Moderation Team reserves the right to change all aspects of the contest as they deem necessary. This includes prizes, how its done etc.
 3) Moderation Team reserves the right to discard your entry.
 4) All the rules mentioned in the Community Guidelines have to be followed while entering a contest.
 5) If its a artwork contest, do mention if you have taken your entry from Google (if its allowed), else do not post such entries as it is considered as plagiarism
 6) If you are banned from participating in contests, do not try to participate. If you'd like to appeal you can contact the Moderator who has banned you from contests.
 7) Do not try to cheat on puzzle/graphics contests with forged screenshots as we will be performing double check to confirm whether it is an original image with the help of certain forensics frameworks.
 8) Do read the particular contest rules given in the contest announcement fully before entering the contest.
 9) One prize per farmer per contest
10) If you are asked for your username and Server and do not provide the server name the entry will be invalid
(US1), (GB1), (SKN1),(NL1), (INT1)

For questions/appeals related to contests held in International Forums, please contact

 @BugsBunny / @RosyStarling / @ChickadeeQuilter

INT Team
EN Forum

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