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I had a win of reputation points on a wheel of fortune yesterday and had a look at the rankings only to find they make no sense with other players above me with no points at all? I even went to #1 page and worked backwards to approximately where I should be and going backwards there were  the odd placings getting progressively worst.
I was 1796th Saturday before the win and after on Sunday I was 2718th.

Approximately where I should be.

Even here you can see placings out of order.

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  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,207
    I've removed your screenshots as it it is against the forum rules to show the names of other players

    You can edit and repost the screenshots if you edit out the names that aren't yours

    Many weirdness's can be resolved by clearing your cache

    However I think on this case time will resolve the issue and it will sort itself out

    I often find the Fishing XP rankings can show someone with less XP being higher than me in the rankings.
    The next day it is all well again

    If you want you can send unedited screenshots to Support


  • Firstly I apologise for my mistake in posting the images with other players names.

    I did wait until today hoping a server reset would clear the anomaly, and having cleared my cache with no result, the rankings remain the same.
    I will just wait then until they sort themselves out, and thanks for your swift reply.    
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