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Why do I get 1 XP from everything I collect from my farms? I do not have any deko including extera XP. Not even any boosters on for XP's.  Mandariini_SKN (written by Juitsu)


  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,680
    XP is what you need for your farm level to go up. The higher your farm level, the more you can upgrade buildings and access additional parts of the game. 
    XP, among other collectibles, is given in small amounts with every harvest, to help you level up.
  • Juitsu (SKN1)Juitsu (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 86
    I know what is XP, have played this game for 5 years, but normally with normal feeds exmpel for pigs, you don't get any XP or collecting normal majs without any humus. Now I get 1 XP in every field or stall or garden etc. And this started on yesterday. 
  • Juitsu (SKN1)Juitsu (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 86
    Found an answer... coop members have subscriptionpackage... oh sorry, stupid me ;DD
  • thanks for the info, I will let all our co op know never purchase the co op package as most DON'T want to go up levels as it is easier in low level

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