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[NEW] The Summer Cup 2021

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The Summer Cup 2021

Horse Season Summer Cup 2021

Hello Farmers

Get your powerful horses ready for the upcoming horse season Summer Cup 2021, taking place on the horse ranch. The higher leagues you can reach, the more exciting your competitions will be! So, aim high and hit a league that you have never been to!

Summer Cup Horse Season

Horse Season Summer Cup 2021

Get your riding gear out, we’re horsing around during the heat! The Summer Cup Horse Season starts today and we’re welcoming all our brave cavaliers to this friendly contest of equestrian excellence.

Horse Season Summer Cup 2021

Among the rewards for the Summer Cup are summer-themed avatars, shining horse trophies and the Beach sleepover decoration for especially active cavaliers!

Sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? So, dash to the starting line for the great competitions that are about to begin!

Happy Gaming,

Your BigFarm Team  <3


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