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Mission finder running MUCH slower than usual

My first go today on cooperative challenge netted me 10 missions in an hour. With a 5 minute maximum time the minimum should be 12. Some of the time the game exceeded the 5 minutes max that its supposed to take. I typically average 40 missions in an hour when the stack master is running.

You can see from this screen shot that it took 8 minutes to get a new mission after the milk mission.


  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,992
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    typically on AU server it is always 10 per hour max due to wait time, long wait time, means very few doing mission and most are not bothered doing them any more.

    Here is my current mission AFTER WAITING 5MINS

    I look on the bright side of this, the longer the wait means fewer doing missions, fewer doing missions means fewer spending real money on them, fewer spending real money on these monotonous repetitive CC, the more likely GGS will find something else to replace some of them with.
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  • BillJohn (US1)BillJohn (US1) US1 Posts: 75
    Best I can tell, the slow missions is a direct result of how the game selects those for a mission.  I'm just guessing you probably collect large amounts for the missions. as compared to other players.  That being, the game tries to match you with others that also collect large amounts.  Since not many that do that on a server, it takes forever to find 6.  Time of day/night you play can cause a delay to find 6 too if you play during low activity hours.

    You can lower your collected average over time doing missions, and eventually will notice a speed up in the game matching 6 to get it started.  You may very well notice the 6 will be mostly very low experience players, and one or two very high level players who most believe are getting that unfair advantage in the matching process.  Those high level players are doing enough missions where they only collect about 100 for a mission and immediately shelve to fool the game in thinking they have a low collected average.

    Whether this was intended or not by the programmers, I do not have any idea.  That seems to be the way it is.  So my advice is accept and adapt.  I have and generally get around 80 to 100 missions during a powerhour.
    I get more points this way, but the cc's are still boring. 

    Personally, I think it would be better for the game if the matching was done on an average of reputation points earned while the actual coop championship is running.  Or better yet, match players that have similar production capacity for item mission calls for.  Then just accept those with lots of seaweed and/or gold are likely to get the higher placings and most reputation points.  More than likely there would be problems with these approaches too. 

  • Grandpa Squeak (US1)Grandpa Squeak (US1) US1 Posts: 62
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    This is a drastic change from just last week's Coop Challenge. I was on and competing at 3:00 PM my time on the US server. Typically a busy server and a busy time of day. I checked my ping and it was 29 ms, my download speed was 129.87 Mbps, and my upload speed was 16.44 Mbps. Which is actually a bit better than usual for my ISP at 3:00 PM on a Friday. I checked down detector and there was nothing in my region that was off line or slowed. My ISP had done routine maintenance at midnight so there were no maintenance issues or slow downs from maintenance from my ISP. I keep my browser in top shape and clear my cache and recycle bins routinely.

    There was nothing on my end to account for it. Did the addition of the annoying ads cost GGS that many players or did they implement a patch that severely curtailed information exchange from client to server?

    Edit to add: I have seen many mismatches with players of varying levels. I am routinely placed with players that are 3 or 4 times my level for Farmers League and I see players of all levels in match ups for missions. If rep points are awarded solely on amount harvested and not by the place you take during the mission (I haven't checked or done any math to confirm or deny this) then it doesn't matter what place you take in a mission and by that token match ups would make absolutely no difference in points awarded due to level mismatches. There are a finite number of things requested for missions and you only need 1 to 6 players. That would only take a couple of hundred or so players doing missions to keep filling one every minute. I suspect the slow down is due to something else.
  • Update: Every thing seems to be back to normal today. If I had to make a guess there was either a server side issue or a problem in the region where the server is.
  • ChickadeeQuilterChickadeeQuilter Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 822
    We are forwarding your feedback to the Team.


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