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Tanuki gifts on the lab

Hey everyone,

A note - I'm unfortunately a bit long winded, if you'd like to skip to where i lay out everything simply and shortly, just scroll down to the "Conclusion" section at the bottom, though i do recommend, if you have time, to read the whole post :)

So far in this Golden Week Event, i tested out an idea i had near the end of st. patricks day event (that is similar to the Golden Week in that there's a leprechaun that appears and give out gifts/pranks and other items just like Golden Week's Tanuki).

This idea was this, what if we could force the Tanuki to gift a particular building?

Now, i'm sure i'm not the 1st one to come up with this, but, with the other possible 10%, 15%, 25%, 50% and even 100% gifts that you can get from other players, i understand the motivation until now has been dismal to spend the time and energy to force the Tanuki to gift a particular building.

But, here's the thing, with the recent update on the lab, a gift of any sorts, but especially a 100% gift would be incredibly helpful on a batch of gold or even seaweed/boosters or booster tokens etc.

The problem is that the lab can't be gifted :(

That is, until i saw, near the end or straight after the end of the latest st. patricks day event, a team mates lab that had been gifted by the Tanuki, and that's where my idea came from :)

So, i'll skip and ahead a tell you, the Tanuki can in fact be forced to gift to farm laboratory, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind to do so:

1) Of course, how you force the Tanuki to gift the lab is to get every single other building on the farm that can be gifted by players, gifted. For the gourmet farm, that would mean donkeys, ducks, gardens, almonds, peaches, silo, composter, watermill, and any special building versions like Viking donkey or Deluxe duck, don't blame me if i missed something, if a team mate can gift it, it has to be gifted BEFORE you collect the Tanuki on that farm.

2) It can take quite a few times that the Tanuki shows up on whichever farm your lab is on to actually get a gift on it, between it giving gold, lucky coins, blossoms or another item i may have forgotten, you're not guaranteed to get a gift on the lab straight away.

And there's also the other buildings that can be gifted by the Tanuki as well but not by regular players, on the gourmet farm that would be Bakery, on the flower farm shop (i think) and the main farm i'm not sure, but there's a small chance that the Tanuki could gift the dairies.

Now that you know the basics, here's a few tricks i've learned that could help you a lot, first, the Tanuki can gift inside community buildings, of course, we knew that gifts could be transferred inside community buildings, if you had a gifted big cow that you put it the cow community, the gift would still apply, but with the Tanuki, even if you have a pig or cow or donkey or apiary inside their community building, that doesn't mean that they're safe from stealing the Tanuki's gift from your lab.

2nd, while your first strategy might be too get all your buildings except 5-6 gifted, and then when the Tanuki's pranks a building, it'll probably be the ducks or gardens you left open, instead of your lab!

Once the Tanuki pranks a garden, you'll get the rest of the gardens gifted so that the Tanuki should be forced to gift the lab (counting that you don't have a bakery or it's already gifted).

The problem with this strategy is 2 things, 1st, i've tested it out and even though my lab was pranked, since everything else on my farm was gifted, the Tanuki gave a gift and it went on my lab.

That means, that you could just get the whole farm gifted and wait for the Tanuki to prank the lab which is a lot simpler than having to manage around the gardens.

As well, with the 1st strategy, in theory, the Tanuki could gifted the pranked garden, though i'm not sure if the Tanuki automatically priorities normal buildings over the building that the Tanuki pranked that time :)

So, in conclusion:

1) You can force the Tanuki to gift the Farm Laboratory.

2) Before collecting the Tanuki to hopefully get a gift on the lab, make sure any and all buildings (that can be gifted by players) on that specific farm is gifted, even the ones in community buildings.

3) Be patient, between gifts on other buildings and the Tanuki giving other items, it can take a while.

4) The Tanuki can gift the same building that that specific Tanuki appearance pranked.

5) Make sure that when you get a gift on the lab, it's either on the right harvest or it's empty so that you can choose what to produce :)

I hope this helps a bit, and i'm sure i've missed out some things, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment below :)

Made by Jonquille6 (FR1)


  • Gut Landluft (DE1)Gut Landluft (DE1) DE1 Posts: 8,731
    because Tanuki can gift inside community buildings this tip isn't for me
    more than one team mate must giftet my gourmet farm whre the lab is

    I have six community buildings there, filled with 2-5 stables

    nice idea, but not practical on a full farm

    Win10 (64 bit) mit  SRWareIron Version 90.0.4600.0 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
  • because Tanuki can gift inside community buildings this tip isn't for me
    more than one team mate must giftet my gourmet farm whre the lab is

    I have six community buildings there, filled with 2-5 stables

    nice idea, but not practical on a full farm

    Eek, yeah, if you have a lvl 100 lab, it could give you an extra 15K of gold, but they certainly don't make it easy :)

    Made by Jonquille6 (FR1)
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,877
    @The Best King (INT1)   Not a good idea - folks will abuse this like they did with the Labs in the first place - which is why they are the way they are now.
     Would always love another way to get gold in game but not this way.
     If you're able go back in the forum here to the beginning of the lab where a player found how generate 100 of thousands of gold daily from the Lab/s. You may get a better understanding of why this would shift the balance way too much. ;)

     Need help check CrazyBigFarm
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