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The community buildings feature future!

Blossom (SKN1)Blossom (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 532
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Hi, friends! <3

A very good feature for community buildings! IMPORTANT IMPORTANT!!! :) 

Macke a good change in the game with only voting!!! All vote is important.

You know the community buildings, there you can put your buildings in them and make many places for other buildings you want. This makes you can put out more buildings, more houses, got much more points and many more good things. Unfortunately, they have a big problem what many don't like. It is that you can't give gifts to them  :| This makes that you do not want to have them and I know players who not build them only for this problem that they can't get any gift on the community buildings that will make fewer points for you.

By a vote by each player, we can make this feature for the future possible. Don't keep your dreams in your heart, let us know them, let them be real, let GGS know what we want ;) 

With all kindy,
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